After Birth, Not Afterbirth

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Who just had this reaction after reading that title: ~gag~?!

Come on now, you should know better than that.  OMT isn’t gonna gross you out.

As a site owner/blogger/occasional iffy vlogger, I do lots of rooting around the Internets looking for the very best for you.  While this site is mainly focused on grandparents and grandchildren, the root of all this love comes from being a parent in the first place.

Yesterday, I was lollygagging (that looks worse than what it sounds/reads) around the joint and found this site for preggos called Pregnant Chicken. I read a few posts and knew I had to share.

So today, with grands or still waiting on grands, we’re gonna take a ride on a back road with the top down and enjoy the sunshine as we remember this….

For our sweet Girl: Happily Ever After Giving Birth – 10 Things They Don’t Tell You

To which I’ll add: Oh, BOOM!  Sorry I never told you these things.  I blocked most of them from memory.  As will you….in time.

For our sweet Boy: New Dad Survival Guide – 8 Essential Tips

To which I’ll add: Oh, hell yes….all of them.  Also, read Girl’s.  You most assuredly will be grossed out, but DO IT.  After the post-pregnancy dust settles, you’ll thank me.

For the rest of y’all, I know you know someone who could benefit Amy’s fun site (yes, I like to think we’re on a first name basis now), so send them this post or Amy’s link.





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  1. Lollygagging is one of my favorite words! I use it often — especially when I go to the used book store with my daughter — or to Sally’s for new nail polish flavors! She does lollygag! Thanks for the other links. I am off to read those 10 things I didn’t tell her!

  2. Mrs. Tucker,

    Looking for a name your grand baby can call you. You may like it you not. I remember when my wife was pregnant we went to church with my mother-inlaw and on the way to church we were talking about what she should be called as a grand mother. During the church service the pastor mentioned what a grandmother was called in biblical times. “IMA” (E’ ma). I think the paster mentioned it was Hebrew. When the pastor said that we all looked at each other with our mouths open and my mother-in law smiling. She is not affectionaly called IMA.

  3. Love the tagline for Pregnant Chicken: “Keeping pregnancy sunny side up.” Cute. Thank you for sharing in the GRAND Social. 😀

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