Oh, Boy!

Boy. He’s one of my favorite things.  Spoken like a doting mom, right? When Boy first entered our lives, I was nervous about being a good mom.  I find it interesting that when Girl entered our lives that I was nervous about being a good MIL.  When Sweet E entered?  Oh, man…the nerves. But, as […]

Grandma Has a Life

If you’ve read here, even for a short time, you know of my deep love for my family.  I LURVS THEM! When I’m with any of them, they have my full attention.  I’m all in, making every moment count.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’ve lived long enough to know that things can […]

(More) What I’ve Learned

I offered my first What I’ve Learned as a grandmama when Sweet E hit six months.  How much more could I have learned in three months?  Plenty. ~ I’m good in a crisis concerning Sweet E, but once I get a green light to cry, I’m all in. Sweet E and DIL were in a […]

Elephant Cake Tutorial

After Boy was born, my sweet M-I-L ceremoniously handed me a folded and well-worn page torn from a women’s magazine.  When I unfolded it, there was an image of a child’s birthday cake in the shape of an elephant.  She told me that she had made the elephant cake for Husband almost from the time […]

HABA Toy Review

This is a NON-compensated product review post.  Again, I just love this product so much I don’t care if I’m getting paid, yo! Last week, Husband and I headed to Sweet E’s house for a weekend visit (yesh, Boy and Girl were also there.) and while we were there, Girl and I headed to a […]

Christmas Cravings in June

I love Christmas foods.  Fine, I love food…but there’s something special about the food you only eat during a specific season, like at Christmas. It’s during late June and early July that I start my Christmas cravings.  And just in case you don’t want to do the math, that means that I need to wait […]

Grandparent’s Secret Handshake

I went to check my mail and my neighbor met me out front.  John is a great neighbor.  He and his wife Marilyn regularly babysit Dexter (as we babysit theirs).  You remember Dexter: Not only are they neighbors whom we trust with our house keys, but they were a large part of Boy’s youth; they […]

Reuse and Save: Girl Approved!

When Boy was growing up, we were probably the greenest family I knew.  We were green before it was even a thang, y’all! No paper towels.  Paper bags reused for pooper-scooping.  No dyes in our cheeses.  Mulching leaves and grass clippings.  You know, that kinda thing. Wouldn’t you know it, Boy married a gal that […]

Fill Me Up, Baby

It’s been a month, 4 weeks and one day, of growing into my new role as Grandmutter (?), Grannna (?), Geema (?), and I want to share some unexpected truths I’ve learned.  Nothing but the best for you, my sweet readers. Let’s bullet point this truth-down, shall we? * I love my family deeply.  This […]

After Birth, Not Afterbirth

Who just had this reaction after reading that title: ~gag~?! Come on now, you should know better than that.  OMT isn’t gonna gross you out. As a site owner/blogger/occasional iffy vlogger, I do lots of rooting around the Internets looking for the very best for you.  While this site is mainly focused on grandparents and […]