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Reuse and Save: Girl Approved!

When Boy was growing up, we were probably the greenest family I knew.  We were green before it was even a thang, y’all! No paper towels.  Paper bags reused for pooper-scooping.  No dyes in our cheeses.  Mulching leaves and grass clippings.  You know, that kinda thing. Wouldn’t you know it, Boy married a gal that …

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After Birth, Not Afterbirth

Who just had this reaction after reading that title: ~gag~?! Come on now, you should know better than that.  OMT isn’t gonna gross you out. As a site owner/blogger/occasional iffy vlogger, I do lots of rooting around the Internets looking for the very best for you.  While this site is mainly focused on grandparents and …

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