Baby, Oh Baby

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Let me tell y’all that I’m feeling the excitement grow as FB* dives lower and Momma starts peculating.  No.  Nothing, as in active labor, is happening right now, but it could happen in under a week.  I have the 29th in the baby-pool, but Girl needs to get to the 31st, for school purposes.


I’m a nervous cleaner, or an excitement cleaner, as it happens.  My energy levels are in the high range to begin with, add the excitement of a NEW GRANDBABY on the way, and I think I’m reaching unbearable levels of WHEEEEE!  Poor Husband.  He just looks at me and gets out of the way.

On the upside, my baseboards have never been so sparkly.  My floors have never looked so Dexter fur-free.  My furniture has never been so dusted.  Hell, even the stuffed lion that stands in as my office doorstop has been vacuumed (as well as my computer keyboard).  This heart-pumping action has just gone warp-speed.

What’s a FG* to do once her house is clean and the laundry is done and she’s ready to roll at a moment’s notice?  Bake.  Tomorrow I’ll bake. Of course, this will dirty the kitchen and I think you know where that is going.

Gotta do what I gotta do.

If nothing else, my house is clean and there will be Happy Cookies on the way to Boy, Girl and all who will be waiting on FB to show his beautiful, easy to push through the birth canal (that’s for you Girl), sweet head, so we can all say Hello!

If this goes on much more than a week, y’all come on over; cake for everyone!


Now who wants a slice?


*Future Baby

*Future Granny




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  1. Hoping your next post is all about that baby’s arrival! Get the children’s book ‘If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”. When I get into the kind of cleaning frenzy you are in I call it the ‘If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” mode. One thing just leads to another and another….. Anxious to hear your good news, I’ll have a piece of that cake and a cup of coffee too! Patience.

  2. lol you are hilarious! but I understand the “nesting” syndrome you are going through right now…it’s all good! cannot wait to see (former) FB held by (former) FG for the first time…and you better deliver! we’ve all been waiting too!

  3. I want cake! I always want cake — with a large cold glass of milk! Of course a new grandchild *would* be better! We are all very excited for you and yours! The best is yet to come!

  4. So, so exciting! I’m more of a nervous eater than a nervous cleaner. I’d have that cake gone in no time.
    Good luck to all! Can’t wait to see photos!

  5. I’ll take a slice sure! 🙂

  6. cookies and cake!! what more does a FB need to want to come out!!

  7. Wishing her a “speedy delivery”! (Who remembers that guy on Mr. Rogers?) Keep busy, Mrs. T!

  8. I could use some help with the housework. Come on down to South Texas with all that nervous energy.

  9. Well did baby wait? How exciting to have one on the way. I understand all that ‘getting’ ready. Been there done that! I also wrote the baby a letter, or perhaps a little journal of everything going on while we waited. Then, when mom and dad were driving home from the hospital the other grandma and I waited anxiously at their home and made a little welcome video. It was fun and a lasting treasure. Thanks for link with me and can’t wait to hear your news!

    • Mrs. Tucker says

      Connie, FB is still not here! He waited and we are happy to say that Girl made it through all she needed to!

      Happy to link!

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