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Freezing Fresh Hebs

How-To: Freezing Fresh Herbs

I want to be a gardener, I do.  I’ve given it a try, but as many of your know, my garden gave me the finger. Oy. So what’s a saddy sad non-gardening grandmama to do?  STEAL FROM THE NEIGHBORS! Not really, come on now.  I’m a granny for goodness sakes.  I have an example to …

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Jalapeno Popper Heaven

I live in Texas and Texans love their ‘picy foods.  It’s jalapeno this and jalapeno that. (btw: proper pronunciation in Texas = hal-eh-pain-nyo) The dirty little secret for some of us big bad Texans (me) is that we prefer our taste buds not be seared off when eating our favorite Tex-Mex meals. So, what’s a …

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OMT! Mac~n~Cheese

Who doesn’t love macaroni and cheese?  WHO?!  Not too many, that’s who. If you’ve read here for a hot minute, you know I’m a recipe fiddler.  It’s a rare moment in the kitchen when I follow a recipe as written.  I think it’s because I know what we like and what works for us.  Or …

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I Hate Green Tea

It’s true.  Green tea gives me the heaves.  Not the actual I’m-gonna-hurl heaves, but the kind that makes me curl up a little when I think of drinking it.  Pretty bad, right? The thing is I’m trying to better myself nutritionally and green tea is highly recommended. Let me backtrack a bit.  I’m pretty sound …

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Pico de Gallo

Pico De Gallo

I know it’s spring in most of the country, but we’re on the verge of summer in Texas.  And once it’s summer, Texans eat pico de gallo by the 10-gallon hat full; we love it!  Although, we usually shorten the name to pico, no de gallo necessary! What is pico, exactly?  The loosest definition is …

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Spreadable Butter

Spreadable Butter

Last weekend. while visiting Boy and Mrs. Boy, and of course FB*, the subject of spreadable butter came up while we were devouring our Birthday Cake Pancakes. People of the Internet: If you were on the fence about these pancakes, I’m here to witness that they are worth the effort. TESTIFY! Regular butter, straight from …

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