Chill, Baby.

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Wine.  OMT likey.  I offer Exhibit A, Exhibit B and Exhibit C  (this last one is really taking liberties when I say “wine”).

I prefer whites, but will drink a sweet red.  Dry reds not so much.  They make my face squinch in unflattering spasms.

When I enjoy my whites, I like them chilled properly.  To be honest, I love them a bit on the frigid side.  I blame my heating-seeking latitude and longitude of 29° 25′ 26″ N/98° 29′ 35″ W.  Translation: TEXAS!  Because of our extreme heat in summertime, properly chilled wine in Texas can seem tepid at best.

So what’s a chilled wine loving gal to do?

So. Much. This.

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Vacu Vin Rapid Ice Wine Chiller

Vacu Vin Rapid Ice Wine Chiller

(source: Amazon)


Cool your wine bottles without a hefty ice bucket in about five minutes using this VacuVin rapid ice wine chilling sleeve. This practically unbreakable, and re-usable sleeve can go straight from the freezer over most 750 milliliter wine bottles. The special six pocket design uses non-toxic, flexible gel that when frozen can chill bottles in minutes and keep them cool for hours. After you’re through, place it back in the freezer so it’s ready to use at any time.

It’s not the most gorgeous presentation, but from everything I’ve read about it, it gets the job done and then some.  Better to work good than look good, I say.

As I researched products I could stand behind that could keep white wines chilled, I also came across the popular “icicle” type products that insert into wine bottles.  I honestly thought I might go with one of them.  They looked inciting, and I really wanted to recommend one, yet I have issues with using plastic in direct contact with any food or drink I consume.  So, I stuck with a product that #1: stays outta my drank and #2: can double as a sports ice-pack for my wine-induced injuries.

CALM DOWN!  Not really.  Everyone knows I don’t need wine to get injured.  Klutz be my name.

Still, I like a product that can do more than one thing, don’t you?  More bang for your buck, baby!

If you’re looking for a Champagne chiller, AKA Exhibit C, Vacu Vin has a product for that as well.

Check it:

Vacu Vin Rapid Ice Champagne Chiller

Vacu Vin Rapid Ice Champagne Chiller

 (source: Amazon)


OMT is a very happy gal.  Come the overbearing heat of the summer, she’ll never have to worry about tepid wine again.  Nor you!  Cue bluebird o’happiness!

Salud, y’all!



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  1. i want to like wine but just haven’t found one I like. Wine coolers on the other hand…but that just makes me sound sad

  2. So I assume I can use this for my vodka and tequila. h

  3. I have to get one of these! NE Texas is just as bad with the heat and I’m like you. I want my wine icy cold!

  4. well you know i am a fan! must get this for summer!! especially summer! haha

  5. What a cool product and cheap enough, too! I’m always ballin on a budget these days! I do a linkup on Thursdays called Thursty Thursday. I think this would be a great addition! Stop by today and link up if you get the chance! Cheers!

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