Dear Sweet E,

One year?  One year?!  ONE YEAR!

Dear Sweet E: Happy Birthday!

Our sweet little puddin’ pie (that’s you!) is 1-year-old today!

I’m stunned how fast this year has passed.  You’d think as a mom I’d know how quickly time would fly, but I’ll tell you something: you forget about these things when your kiddos reach a certain age, as mine has.  The big birthdays (like your daddy’s 30th that just passed) still have an impact on you, but for the most part you just ride the tide out to the sea, you know? (of course you don’t…you’re just a year old!)

Itty-bitties like you are a different kind of time-buster and the speed in which you guys grow from one year to the next is always seemingly speedier.

While writing is my craft, I will fail you this day; I can’t adequately articulate the emotion, the deep and swift joy, that having a child from your child brings into your life.

Instead, I’ll offer a pictorial of my Sweet E love.

The very first time you were placed in my arms.  I was a crying mess and had someone hand you to me after I sat down.  I was afraid I’d drop you if I took you from your daddy’s arms.  My worries of becoming a good grandmother evaporated the instant I looked into your beautiful eyes.  Hey baby, it’s me, Grandma. I’m so glad you’re here.  Sorry I’m crying on you.  You’ll get used to it…your daddy has.

Happy Birthday, Sweet E!

As it happened, you were born on Fat Tuesday.  Uncle Alex and Aunt Carissa had the foresight to bring some fun into the celebration, via Mardi Gras beads and hats.  This is G-Daddy’s first time holding you, his first grandchild.

Dear Sweet E: Happy Birthday!

In the hospital, snoozin’ on your momma.  It was a big day.  Lots of happy commotion surrounding your arrival.  You needed to sack out for a bit.

Dear Sweet E: Happy Birthday!

This was taken on my first trip back to help out (about a week or so later).  Momma would give you a morning feeding, then hand you to me as she went back to sleep for some much needed rest.  You would sleep in my arms for a good two hours.  Best mornings of my new grandmama life.

Dear Sweet E: Happy Birthday!

Tummy time on the same blankie that your daddy used when he was dat baby!

Dear Sweet E: Happy Birthday!

Your were a champion sleeper.
Dear Sweet E: Happy Birthday!


Dear Sweet E: Happy Birthday!

When you were born, Momma was a zoo keeper.  This is your first visit to the zoo (all dem keepers needed a dose of dat baby!).

Dear Sweet E: Happy Birthday!

You, learning to smile; I couldn’t get enough.

Dear Sweet E: Happy Birthday!


More sleeping.  Growing is hard work, yo.

Dear Sweet E: Happy Birthday!


4th of July is for hats!  Or something…

Dear Sweet E: Happy Birthday!

You got dongled!  Now we enjoy you on Youtube, big screen style.  Also, you’re eating food!

Dear Sweet E: Happy Birthday!

This face.  So much YES!

Dear Sweet E: Happy Birthday!

With G-Daddy, smirking at Dexter below.

Dear Sweet E: Happy Birthday!

Telling Dexter all about it…

Dear Sweet E: Happy Birthday!

Stuck in the house, watching Dexter and G-Daddy, wishing you could run with them.

Dear Sweet E: Happy Birthday!

Celebrating your first birthday a few weeks back.  First taste of chocolate cake ever!  You preferred the oatmeal cookies.  Folks wondered how you could be related to me and not LOVE cake.

Dear Sweet E: Happy Birthday!

Giving it another try…

Dear Sweet E: Happy Birthday!

The Elephant Cake tradition lives on.  Three generations and counting!  Daddy and G-Daddy decorated this one for you.

Dear Sweet E: Happy Birthday!

4 generations of awesome first birthday sauce. (L-R: Daddy, Papa, you, G-Daddy)

Dear Sweet E: Happy Birthday!

More sauce of the awesome variety. The gals in your life: (L-R: Choochie, you laughing at Daddy off camera, Momma, Grandma)

Dear Sweet E: Happy Birthday!

Dear Sweet E, this last year, has been more than I could have ever imagined.  Sometimes you get lucky in life and love spills on everything you know.  This last year has been a joyful imprint of that love…that’s what you are for all of us….a joyful imprint of love.

Happy First Birthday, little man!  May God bless you and the adventures ahead and may we share many many more!


Choochie (for now)



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  1. Love it! Amazing how much has happened over the last year. Looking back, you got a pretty good dose of him!

    • BOY! OMGosh! Love that you loved it. Makes me cry every time I look over the year. Thanks for giving me/us one of the best gifts ever!


  2. The little bitty feet get me every time!

  3. So sweet! Watching my parents become grandparents has been entertaining and so heartwarming…I’m sure it’s the same for your son.
    (And the smarties on the cake look awesome…definitely trying that!)

    • Mrs. Tucker says

      That is incredibly sweet. You should tell your folks that. And smarties/candy and this house go together like candy and kids. SO GOOD!

  4. Thank you Choochie I loved it…….the feet got me too. from another 1st gramma named Ga-Ga.
    Just lovin being a grandma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Alvina Castro says

    Such cute photos of him! Especially the ones with the adults since those are priceless memories. happy Birthday to him 🙂

  6. This is beautiful! What a reason to celebrate. Such a beautiful little boy!
    Isn’t is amazing how looooong that nine months of pregnancy takes, yet how quickly the first birthday arrives? And when you put pictures in chronological order, like you have here, it’s equally amazing how much growth occurs in those short twelve months.

    • Thank you…I agree with you that pregnancy seems to take forever, but the first year flies by. Everything is relative, isn’t it?!

  7. Here from the GrandSocial and enjoying how he’s got y’all wrapped around his finger. And rightly so. : ) BB2U

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