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From Whine to More Wine in Under a Minute

I’m a corkscrew kinda gal…that is until I break ’em.

Broken corkscrew


Maybe it’s because I wrestle with wine bottles and corks – maybe it’s because I break the openers – maybe it’s because I asked (it’s this one) – but, Boy and Girl gifted me with this wine opener for Christmas.

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Vino Estate Rabbit Wine Corkscrew Opener Bamboo Box Set



(source: Amazon)

SPOILER ALERT: When I use it, I sing. For the reals.

Product Deets:

Product Description:

NO BATTERY NECESSARY The first thing you notice is the stand-out bamboo box. Solid build and beautiful. The zinc alloy Rabbit Wine Opener settles on a comfortable stand to decorate your home instead of sleeping in a drawer. The material is not too light or overly heavy straining. Just the right weight for a solid cork pop Most useful wine opener guarantee. The fancy bamboo box and decorative construction is impressive to friends, family and those hard to find present person. You can enjoy a single bottle or continuously go on a cork popping party. WE assure YOU are FULLY SATISFIED.

Cliff’s Notes:

~ It’s a breeze to use.

~ It’s fast.

~ The box set is gorgeous.

~ Makes a memorable gift.

~ My days of breaking corkscrews are behind me.

Happy Shopping, y’all!




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