Getting In Fighting Shape For Grandparenting

Getting in shape to be a grandparent is kinda like getting in shape for a half-marathon:

* Takes planning  – What will you be called?

* Takes eating right – Gotta build stamina for horsey rides.

* Takes a sense of humor – Some days you’ll get a little poop on ya (that’s just wrong).

* Takes paying attention to small injuries – No, really, it’s OK that you aren’t naming the baby after me. ~sniff~

* Takes having the proper equipment – An open heart is your best investment.

* Takes purposeful resting – Once that bundle gets here, you’ll be thankful for the energy.

* Takes noting that we have forgotten many of the challenges of parenting – but we will always REMEMBER THE ALAMO!

G-Daddy's First Half Marathon

* Takes practicing for the easy laugh…


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