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How To Customize and Accessorize Your Notes

Notes Notes Notes! I gots ’em and I bet you do to.

Writers write, y’all.

As a writer, when inspiration hits me, I grab any scrap piece of paper I can find on my desk, then place it on top of an ever-growing stack o’inspiration.

Yep, it’s a hot mess.

Any of this sounding familiar?

I honestly didn’t see a way out of my disorganized ways until I discovered that my favorite pen make, Tul, now offers a custom note-taking system, via discbound notebooks.

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TUL Custom Note-Taking System Discbound Notebook:


(source: AMAZON)

This one is my favorite color and sits at the corner of my desk, waiting for my inspired notes:


(source: AMAZON)

As you can see, the paper can be pulled out and organized with like-minded thoughts.

No more spiral notebook mess of jotting notes, ripping paper and then finding it a new home.

Nope! No more!

Product Deets:

~ Durable poly cover keeps pages crisp and protects contents from dirt and moisture

~ 60 sheets premium paper offers a smooth writing experience that won’t bleed through

~ Equipped with 3/4″ black plastic discs that hold up to 75 sheets

~ Narrow ruled sheets are lined on the front and back of each page

~ Customize and accessorize your TUL custom note-taking system with weekly/monthly calendar refills, to-do lists, graph ruled paper, dot grid format paper, and margin ruled paper, page flags, tab dividers, pocket dividers and more (sold separately).

Product Description:

Perfectly organize and personalize your note keeping This premium note-taking system comes with 60 narrow ruled pages. Add to it or remove pages from it. Rearrange additional sheets that you’ve punched. With endless personalization options available, youll find that everything revolves around discs that snap organization right into place. TUL (TM) Junior-size notebook features 8 discs.

I have all four colors that Tul makes, cause, you know, I’m an office supply hoarder.

You can stick with one…or two…or ALL!

Do you, baby.

If you want to take your note-taking/organizing skilz to the next lever, get a paper punch!

I mean, of course you can buy the paper refills, but the paper punch will pay for itself in a few refills!

Thrifty – that’s us!

The paper punch comes in handy if you just want to use your own paper, or your local office supply store stops carrying it.

Look at this beauty:


(source: AMAZON)

Product Description:

Punch through documents, photos and meeting notes Makes any punchable piece of paper available for TUL Note-Taking System notebooks. Punch up to six 20-lb pages, with up to 12 mushroom-shaped holes to fit junior- and letter-size notebooks. Made of sturdy metal, with a plastic skirt, non-skid base, and removable chip tray for easy scrap removal.

To Recap:

Tul offers amazing pens AND a beautiful and effective way to organize, customize and accessorize your notes!

You can get the notebooks in letter size or the fun jr. size (that’s the size on my desk).


These products make AMAZING gifts for your writer, note-taker, unorganized budding entrepreneurs.

At the bottom of the post, I’ll link all three of my favorite Tul products and help you get a leg up on yer gift-giving shopping.

I hope you like being the BEST gift-giver of all time! Yep. That’s what’s gonna happen.

I wonder if there’s a plaque for that?

Happy Shopping, y’all!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.