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Tul Pens Review

Tul Pens Review

Tul Pens? Tul Pens!

As a writer (and not-so-closeted office supply hoarder. Proof: I covet this ridiculously oversized calendar.), I’m always on the hunt for the perfect pen.

I think I have discovered them, in Tul.

Never heard of Tul Pens?

In a nutshell, a Tul pen is a brand of pen, specifically an Office Depot house brand.

They usually have an entire section dedicated to not only their pens, but to their notebooks, binders, calendars, and filler papers.

Tul pens make me happy – and I’m willing to bet you will love them too!


Smiling like a crazy person just thinking and writing about them.

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What follows is my Tul pen review…

…although, given my spoiler alert intro, I think you know how this is going to end.

Let’s start with a bit of information from the manufacturer.

Product Details of Tul Pens:

  1. Get accuracy and control in an ergonomic design with these TUL pens.
  2. Super-smooth and longer-lasting ink.
  3. Engineered for optimal balanced writing comfort.
  4. Retractable tip protects from unintentional marking.
  5. Fine-point pens with silver barrels to provide a stylish touch.

Rubberized grip provides writing comfort and control

Stainless steel clip secures to pockets and notebooks

Medium, 1.0mm

12 Assorted colors (6 Black, 4 Blue, 2 Red)

Product Description of Retractable Tul Pens:

  • Accuracy and control in an ergonomic design super smooth and longer lasting ink.
  • Engineered for optimal balanced writing comfort.
  • Retractable tip protects from unintentional marking.
  • Pack contains 6 Black, 4 Blue and 2 Red pens.

Y’all – Y’ALL! – Have I mentioned that Tul pens make me so happy?

They do!

I know there are loads of pens available to choose from out in the office supply world.

I know it’s easy throw a package of cheap pens in the cart and not think about if they’ll work for your needs or not.

I mean, COME ON!, they’re just pens right?

Um, no – wrongo!

Why use a Tul Pen?

Lots of reasons:

A Tul pen is almost effortless to use.

Think about how many times you’ve cursed a leaky pen. Not so with a Tul; the ink flows perfectly.

The cushioned pad keeps you comfortable for long writing sessions.

OMT writes all the live long day, budunkadunk in my favorite office chair. I gots to be comfortable, yo.

The colors – well, those are just a fun bonus!

Some moments I feel green – then blue – then orange.

Seriously – look at this package of Tul pens and tell me it doesn’t make you smile.

I have options with Tul pens, baby.

At the bottom of this post, I’ll link the ballpoint pens and the colored ones again.

Cause, if you’re like me, you can never have enough pens.

What are Tul pens?

They’re pens!

Haha – a little office supply humor.

Tul pens started as a brand (by Office Max/ Office Depot) to deliver affordable luxury within the pen market.

Writers like luxury.

People who write lists and notes like luxury.

Be honest. You love that feeling when using a well crafted pen.

Like all the things you note are now….art.

Fine, maybe that’s going a little too far, but the feeling of a well made product is appreciated no matter if it’s a car or a pen.

What company makes Tul pens?

You can find Tul pens at Office Depot (Office Max); they are part of the Office Depot brand.

Tul are not just Office Max pens.

They are a product that Office Max and Office Depot produces, not just sells.

Here’s what they say about them (and I totally agree!):

Each TUL® high-quality pen and mechanical pencil has been thoughtfully engineered, hand assembled and hand tested to deliver the quality craftsmanship and consistently smooth performance you expect from a fine writing instrument.

The TUL writing collection is ideal for those who value integration of design and performance.

Let me repeat: a. fine. writing. instrument.

All the yeses.

As an aside, Tul is the Office Max brand for their discbound notebook and the pens, markers, pencils, and refills are accessories to that system.

I also use the Tul notebooks and planners. All of their products have revolutionized how I organize my notes (and the colors in which I take them!).

If you haven’t tried a discbound system, Tul makes the transition easy.

Are Tul pens expensive?

Not really.

You’d think for a luxurious feeling writing instrument, they would be.

Thankfully (for me! a Tul hoarder), they aren’t.

They range from about $1.54 for the ballpoint pens (although, you usually have to buy in a package of 12), to about $20 for a retractable pen with two refills.

You decide what works best for your budget!

Luxury feel at an affordable price.

Lots of time folks don’t like to pay for that luxury in a pen…until now!

What kind of Tul pens are available?

Get ready – they make ’em all! Lots of Tul products.

Tul Gel Pens: GL Series: gel pen

Tul Ballpoint Pen: BP Series: ballpoint pen

Tul Rollerball Pens: RL Series: rollerball pen

Tul Mechanical Pencil: MP Series: mechanical pencil

Tul Permanent Marker: PM Series: permanent marker

Tul Highlighter: HL Series: highlighter

Tul Fine Line: FL Series: Fine lines

And of coarse, the offer Tul Refills: refills.

Anyone else nerd out?

Man, I LOVE office supplies, especially pens.

Other Tul Products:

While I am a huge Tul fan, I haven’t made my way through all their products.

I’ve used the colored pens on regular printer paper, colored paper, and receipts (y’all know how hard it is to find a pen that can write on a receipt) – all effortlessly.

The cushioned grip is key for me, as I write notes continuously.

So. Many. Notes.

When I find a pen I love, I pray the company keeps producing quality stock.

So far, Tul has not disappointed.

The mechanical pencil is a stretch for me because I’m old-school and use a fine quality pencil.

If you’re in need of MORE MORE MORE office supplies for that bulging desk drawer – or you’re looking for a fun and much appreciated gift (stocking stuffers!), you can count on Tul to deliver.

I have them in black, blue, red, purple, and green.

I plan to get the highlighters next (I’ll keep you posted in a review – but I’ll link those too in case you NEEEEED them pronto!).

Happy Hoarding Shopping, Y’all!

Original Post: September 26, 2018 Updated Post: May 5, 2023

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I hope you found something you love today with this Tul Pen review.

Let me know if you found this Tul Pen review helpful – or if you too are a office supply hoarder!

Happy writing!

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Tuesday 23rd of August 2022

I love the Tul notebooks! The pens are really nice too, but it was the notebooks I fell in love with.

Patti Tucker

Tuesday 6th of September 2022

I had the flu! So delayed in answering! The notebooks are wonderful!

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