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How To Enjoy This Smooth Summer Smoothie

It’s hot outside.

It’s hot inside.

It’s hot in the pool.

It’s hot in ~your hot spot here~.

What’s an ohsohot person to do?!

Enjoy a smooth summer smoothie, that’s what!

How To Enjoy This Smooth Summer Smoothy


I know, I know – it’s green.

Try and ignore that for a minute. I swear it’s refreshing and delicious.

OMT! won’t lie to you – so hang in, baby.

I’m digging me some smoothies – this one in particular.

You know the rule here: If OMT! loves it, she shares it (whatever “it” is), so you can too.

Funny aside: I sent a pic of this smoothie to Garry (who enjoys them too). I told him to show his co-worker and tell him I’d be happy to bring him one.

I was told I could place it in his coffin, when he passed.


OMT! Confession: Three years ago I would have balked at drinking anything green.

Correction: I’d totally drink melted chocolate chip mint ice cream.

Dang it. Now I want ice cream…

So why in the world do I drink them now?

Cause they be tasty. You know, if you make ’em the way I do.

How To Enjoy This Smooth Summer Smoothie

#1: Throw the following ingredients into a blender that can handle itself.

~ 2 cuties or 1 orange – peeled (do I have to say that part?!)

~ 1 pear – cored, but not peeled

~ 1 small Gala apple – cored (not peeled) and annoying sticker removed

~ 1/4 cup of water (if needed)

~ 1/4 – 1/2 cubed cubed frozen pineapple, depending how thick ya like it.

~ 1-2 cups frozen/fresh spinach (by frozen fresh, I mean buy fresh spinach – clean thoroughly – freeze flat to use in smoothies)

#2: Blend the ever-livin’ daylights outta those ingredients.

#3: Pour the ice-cold concoction (with or without vodka) into a tall glass.

#4: Grab a spoon or big straw and ENJOY!

Tastes like a cool breeze during a hot month. #pinkyswear

This particular smoothie is PACKED with antioxidants, has NOTHING processed, contains no preservatives, dyes or guilty feelings upon indulging.

It’s pure goodness that achieves three wonderful thangs:

#1: Makes your taste buds sing love songs to the tropical islands.

#2: Offers fiber, nutrition, and other stuff yer mom told ya to eat in order to stay healthy, yet it doesn’t taste like it!

#3: You. Can’t. Taste. The. Spinach. #isiteveninthere

I know this for a fact because I made a smoothie with Popeye’s  secret-sauce, offered a taste to Sweet E, then upon approval we made frozen pops with it!


Go on.



Cool down and enjoy.

Feel smug and call yer mom – let her know you’re winning at life.

Smooth. That’s you. Oh, yeah.




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