I’m a Sucker for a Strawberry Smoothie

This post is a popular one here at OMT!  I first wrote about my love of strawberry smoothies two years ago and I thought it was worth a second look…cause y’all love it!

The great thing about this smoothie is that you can substitute any fruit or a variety of fruits.

You can also substitute the milk for almond milk or soy.

Kids love the milkshake thickness of this smoothie and adults love the sneaky boost of nutrition.  It’s a win-win, baby!


I’m a Southern gal and that means I politely decline ice in my smoothies, strawberry or otherwise. Ice is reserved for a Coconut Slush, a rainbow snowcone or rocks in my whiskey.

Ice in a smoothie? Oh mah dear, no thank you!

Oh, Mrs Tucker’s No Fail, Ice-Free, Pick-any-Fruit Smoothie

Serves One

1 cup milk

Frozen fruit, dealer’s choice.

1 tbsp sugar, optional

Pour milk into blender. Throw in sugar and about 1/2 cup of frozen fruit to start. As the blender breaks up the fruit, keep adding more in small amounts until your smoothie reaches your desired consistency.

Pour in a glass.


While Husband prefers a mix of frozen blueberries, cherries and pineapple, I am a one-fruit per smoothie enthusiast. Husband prefers a consistency that is spoon-worthy, while I prefer mine to travel through a straw with a hint of effort.

Each smoothie is different and delicious. Not to mention packed with nutrition and antioxidants. Ahem, the kiddies will love them and never have to know they are good for them.

You can also blend a thick consistency, then fill Popsicle molds for a fun, frozen treat.

One caveat: If Mommy has had a hard day and happens to slip enough booze to put her out for the night a teeny splash of vanilla rum into a batch to freeze, make sure they are labeled and that the children (most likely the reason mommy spiked her batch that she has no plans on sharing with daddy), can’t get their adorable tiny fingers on them. Social services frowns upon tipsy children….from what I hear.

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I do love a cold Strawberry Smoothie with a fat red straw!

Strawberry Smoothie

Happy Smoothie Makin’, Y’all!


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  1. haha!! I love this. I have never tried a spiked smoothie, but I will definitely try it now!!

  2. Yes yes yes I so agree

  3. I don’t put in a variety of fruits either…I like to stick to just one kind…Not sure why that is! I love the strawberry chocolate smoothie combo…So GOOD…I currently just finished a chocolate raspberry smoothie…Nom Nom!

  4. Yummy! I’ve been all about the blueberry smoothies lately


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