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How To Recognize Tasty Beer – Look Here

What Grandma Drinks is back for another edition!

Let’s talk about German beer, shall we? We shall!

In particular, let’s talk about Altstadt Lager.


Just looking at the carton makes me want to rush to the fridge and grab an ice-cold bottle. It’s a delicious dream, y’all!

Per the Altstat site: Our signature Lager is a noticeably malty yet light and clean-finishing beer that is perfectly balanced by its imported Noble hops grown in Hallertau and cold fermenting yeast from Weihenstephan, Germany.

Wanna know something amazing?

I KNOW ya do…

…this beer is brewed in Texas, not Germany.


Altstat is introducing Americans to old world practices, right from Fredericksburg, Texas!

Old world brewing practices enhanced by modern technology.

Altstadt Brewery is a world-class brewing company featuring hand-selected equipment imported from Germany that you won’t find anywhere else in the country, which allows us to create the most authentic Old World style beers from the Texas Hill Country.

~ Copper plated Rolec kettles – Mash, Lauter and Wort – and digital brewing system.

~ Direct-fire Kaspar Schulz brewing system, discovered by Altstadt’s founders in a pre-WWII Bavarian brewhouse.

~ Two 30 hL open fermentation tanks and four horizontal lagering tanks.

~ State-of-the-art laboratory and quality control testing equipment.

~ Reverse osmosis water treatment technology

Cliff’s Notes: Authentic German beer brewed in Texas by a native German Brewmaster, using hops, barley and yeast imported from Germany.

Other than hopping a plane to Germany and hitching a ride to a biergarten, this is about as authentic as you’re gonna get with a German beer.

It’s smooth and crisp – light and delightful. I was hooked at first draw.

Altstadt has earned a permanent slot in our beer fridge this summer. (WHAT?! Doesn’t ever’one have a beer fridge?)

For the moment, Altstadt beer is sold throughout Austin, San Antonio, College Station & Waco, Texas. The rest of y’all are going to have a wait – OR – find a Texan to befriend!

And as always, drink responsibly, my friends.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.