I Get Mocked

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I get mocked.  I get rolled eyes.  I get tight smiles and pursed lips.  I get long silences and unspoken expectations, begging me to come to my senses.

I. Get. Mocked.

And that’s OK.  I count it as part of dreaming a dream that others might not understand.

To each of those moments I whisper to my heart, “Some have to see to believe, but you believe and see.”

I Get Mocked

I see where it is I want to go and make decisions that will hopefully bear me home.  Does it mean I’ll succeed?  Not even close.

If you see what you want, if you focus your energy on the task, if you believe, even in the face of unmistakable skepticism, does that trump failure?


I’ll continue anyway.  I’ll hang in.  I’ll push forward.

To be sure, there will be days I join the naysayers (which include my pride, my reason, and my experience) and feel the heaviness of doubt squashing my optimism. There will be days I consider the din of criticism and concern.  There will be days I’ll wonder what the hell I was thinking.  I’ll listen to depressing music.  I’ll search the classified section for job listings.  I’ll make a cake.  I’ll clean the house.  I’ll regret how deep I’ve dug my hole and the time I’ve wasted and vow, from this day forward, to listen to those who offered me their unsolicited counsel.

Yet, so far I’ve been incredibly lucky.  When I’ve reached the point of convincing myself that I’ve experienced a colossal error of judgement, my heart kicks in, overriding the pessimism and fatalism, as it recalls the words I have spoken.


The naysayers will shake their heads, yet again (as will my pride, experience and reason).

And that’s OK.

This thing I’m building, this dream I’m dreaming, is part of my drive, not theirs.

Remember that when someone who needs to see in order to believe tells you not to see because you believe.



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  1. Cara @ CraftDictator says

    This is beautiful! It is exactly what I need to hear today! Thank you so much for sharing! I’m coming over from the TXWB!

  2. I have to remind myself of this all the time. People love to judge.

    I also have to say things like this to silence the doubt in my mind. Chasing dreams can be so scary but it gives you a feeling like no other.

    • Tanea, you are right. It’s terrifying and wonderful. To proceed with a chance of success, one must clear out the noise and just listen to their inner-voice.

  3. I love this. Something I think we all need to be reminded of from time to time. Following a dream can be the scariest thing in the world…but if you never go after it, you always have that question of “what if”. Kudos to you for being brave enough to chase after what you want!

    • Celeste, thank you. It IS scary, isn’t it? But, as I tell myself: You’ve beat cancer, you’ve run a marathon, you homeschooled for 12 years, you’ve run a business, so why can’t you do this?

      It’s all about perspective, ain’t it!

  4. Beautiful post! Definitely needed to read this!

  5. Beautiful post! If we don’t follow our dreams, we will surely never arrive where we want to go.

  6. Tori Johnson says

    This is such a beautiful, well-written post. It definitely spoke to me.

  7. Ricki @ The Questionable Homesteader says

    I have to tell you that this post resonated so well with me that it touched a piece of my heart. It is so very true, and something that I really needed to read. Thank you.

    As a result of how much I truly loved this post, I am featuring it in The Sunday Favourites in hopes that it will touch more. Thank you so much for writing such a beautiful post.

    Please feel free to stop by and grab my button


    • Ricki, thank you for such a kind comment. You can’t imagine how happy it makes me to connect to others with my words. Thank you.

  8. So perfectly said! I loved reading the linked post about your dreams (which was originally published before I had discovered your fabulousness!). These two posts, in tandem, accurately describe where many of us are on this blogging journey. It’s hard to beat back the self doubt, the feeling that you will never reach your goals no matter how grand or modest they are. But then you will get a supportive comment, or a text from a non-blogger friend who tells you that reading your blog makes her feel connected across the miles, or you will read a heartfelt post like this one and you know you CAN do it.
    Although you’ll never know how many folks were given a boost of confidence by reading this, but I’m guessing it’s a lot. Thank you, Mrs. Tucker.

  9. I began to disregard naysayers after I pursued a few (small) dreams that bore worthy fruit despite dire warnings of bitter failure. Then they returned to make jealous comments, wondering why I didn’t “share” more of my ideas and success!
    Naysayers have only one job – and I gotta admit, they do it well! “Job one” – of many – for dreamers is to stay away from them!
    Beautiful essay! You keep going, girlfriend!

  10. Fantastic post! There have been some dreams in my life that probably stopped just short of achievement and mainly due to listening to those naysayers. Very inspirational and well written. I needed this.
    Dropped by from the GRAND Social. Thanks for sharing

  11. Thank you SO MUCH for the reminder. I’m actually going to read this to my husband now. He has been getting disparaged from some people at our church for going back to school to improve our lives down the road…they keep telling him just to settle for a job now (he HAS a job now. He is doing both) instead of trying to make a better future for the 10 of us.

    I just got my IBCLC and I’m working hard on figure out how to turn it into a work from home/online business… I get a LOT of those kinds of comments… but I’m a little more used to ignoring the naysayers than he is.

    • If you have that voice that is telling you to move forward, it takes bravery and sheer will to ignore those who will point out the risks and the reasons you shouldn’t. Bravo/a to both of you.

  12. Thanks so much for sharing with Wednesday’s Adorned From Above Link Party.
    Have a great week.
    Debi and Charly @ Adorned From Above

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