I Meant For This to Go Differently

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I’m an organizer; I love it.  Nothing better than a good list and solid plan to follow in order to get things done.  Make the list.  Do the list. Throw away checked-off completed list.  Make new list.

What follows contradicts everything I just said.  In my busy gal defense, it happens.  Not often, but when it does, kinda like this:

As the money person in the family, meaning I am the one more apt/interested to keep up with and organize important financial documents, I thought it prudent to make Garry a list of all accounts, credit card numbers, bills and special instructions in the event of my demise.  I even told him I was making a cheat-sheet of sorts for him, so he wouldn’t have to dig through my office trying to find important financial details of our life should I die first.

He knows where the bulk of things can be found without too much searching, but I want him to be able to go to one central place to find all the info.  I mean after all, he’ll be busy grieving, gnashing teeth, throwing himself on my casket, and wailing.

Oh, the wailing.

Um, did I mention I told him this over a year ago?  Yeah…

I keep meaning to do it.  I keep chastising myself to get after it.  I, more truthfully, keep putting it off.

Not because it’s labor-intensive, but mostly because other things are more pressing.  I liken it to household triage: take care of the bleeders first, then take care of the mundane.

Before you start lecturing me about how I should GET TO IT, WOMAN!, I will say there has been a smidge of progress.

I made a list!

I Meant For This To Go Differently

I know, I know.

This is important (not so much for me, but for Garry); I should make it a priority.

I mean, I’ve already made the list.  The only thing left is to execute said list.

Like I said earlier, I love organizing stuff; I love knowing my sh*t is straight, yo.  This is so unlike me.

I resolve to do better….for Garry.

And you should too (not for Garry, that would just be weird).

Think of how easy it would be if your identity was stolen and you needed a list of credit cards, pronto: TO THE LIST!

You need a quick check on input vs output: TO THE LIST!

You need to reevaluate bank accounts: TO THE LIST!

You die and Husband/Wife needs quick info: TO THE LIST!

See how easy that would be?  How simplified your life would be?

Let this be the year we organize our vital household information, then place it in the safe next to the wills (omgosh, you have a will, right?!) for quick access.

Or, you could start with a list…


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  1. I agree, we should all be organized and ready if something happens to our loved ones. I know that I’d be completely lost if something were to happen to my husband. Good advice! Stacie xo

  2. My husband has a memory stick that we keep this all on, and he emails me as backup.

  3. this has been on my to-do list for too long. I convinced my husband we needed to do this for our grown kids–I consider it part of the legacy we leave them. He hemmed, he hawed, he finally gave me his list. It awaits attachment of my accounts and other lists–six months after he produced his. And just a reminder, list needs to have passwords for key accounts.


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