Motion Sickness Science

If you have kiddos or grandkiddos, this post on motion sickness is for you. I have been known to get car sick.  I won’t go on a cruise because I tend to be motion sensitive.  I was the kid in the center of the metal merry-go-round-o’death screaming to get off because I was going to […]

I Meant For This to Go Differently

I’m an organizer; I love it.  Nothing better than a good list and solid plan to follow in order to get things done.  Make the list.  Do the list. Throw away checked-off completed list.  Make new list. What follows contradicts everything I just said.  In my busy gal defense, it happens.  Not often, but when […]

Made Simple: Freezing Fresh Herbs

If you’ve read here long enough, you know I swipe herbs from my neighbors. Why grow herbs, when you can steal ’em. ~pulling on ski mask and creeping into their yard at midnight with a flashlight~ Not really, come on now. I’m a Choochie for goodness sakes. I have an example to set. Most of […]

It Takes an Army, A Swiss Army

How many times have you been out shopping at T.J. Maxx, reach for a 50%-off the already 50%-reduced item and gaaa! a painful hangnail or a jagged nail. The horror! There’s nothing left to do but go on home and drink; your whole day has been ruined. DON’T BE A WIMP!  There are still amazing […]

PSA of the Day: Infant CPR & Choking Refresher

The holidays are upon us and that may mean you’ll be entertaining family, maybe family with babies. What a great time for an infant CPR and choking primer! Y’all know I love a PSA.  Check it HERE, HERE and HERE. Years ago, I worked in a hospital and we had to take CPR classes regularly.  […]

Required Summer Reading: Secondary Drowning

I’ve written about drowning before and how the actual process of drowning doesn’t look like you might think it would (if you missed that important post, you can read it HERE).  Today, let’s take a look at secondary drowning. If you’re like most of the world, when it gets hot, you want to cool off […]

Two Vital Tricks When Making Spaghetti

Wait.  There are two vital tricks when making spaghetti?  Really?  There are tricks to making one of the easiest dishes on the planet? As my great Italian auntie says, “Yeah, buddy.” OK, I don’t really have an Italian auntie, but as a Texan I say that all the time. To the tricks! First, I hope […]

How-To: Freezing Fresh Herbs

I want to be a gardener, I do.  I’ve given it a try, but as many of your know, my garden gave me the finger. Oy. So what’s a saddy sad non-gardening grandmama to do?  STEAL FROM THE NEIGHBORS! Not really, come on now.  I’m a granny for goodness sakes.  I have an example to […]

How To Properly Use A Meat Thermometer in Two Easy Steps

Using a quick-read meat thermometer is easy peasy.  Let’s make sure we’re doing it right, shall we? How To Use a Meat Thermometer in Two Easy Steps: 1) Insert thermometer into the center of the thickest part of the meat.  If need be, insert thermometer horizontally.  Thermometer should not be touching bone or fat. 2) […]

DIY Brown Sugar

Hands in the air: how many of you make or have ever made your own brown sugar? Me?  Not so much. I feel a little embarrassed and confused.  How is it that I have never ever made my own brown sugar (or vanilla ~faint~)?!  I mean, I’ve been baking since I was  9-years-old.  I’ve been […]