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Friday I was jumpy and fidgety and holy hell cray cray as some of you say (fine, as I say).  I needed a run desperately. Husband even called me mid-morning: You’re gonna go run, right?

Meh.  I wasn’t feeling it, which I can tell you is unusual.

Then, I thought of Husband and how he was bearing the brunt of my emotional nonsense and put on my shoes and headed out the door (not before I also put on my tiny zippy shorts and a shirt…gah!)

The day was spectacular.  The sun was out.  The temps were in the 60s and rising. The humidity was low.  No wind.  Gorgeous.

Still, I told myself I’d make it a short run, maybe three miles.  I was trudging, which again is unusual.

As is my nature, I prayed as I ran.  I keep a book of prayer requests, so the list was long and my run wasn’t.  Then…

As I finished my third mile, I was feeling better, my jacked up emotional insanity was abating, so I decided to go three more and finish strong. It was around mile four, as I was praying for FB, that I had this wonderful BAM! moment of clarity:


Oh hey…what?


For all my worry HERE, HERE and HERE, suddenly the ocean of get-over-yourself bum-rushed the rivers of doubt and overcame my pre-granny jitters.  Suddenly, my fears got an ass-kicking by my confidence.  Suddenly, I came back to my enthusiastic nature and said Adios! to all the whatifs in my head.


Oh, Mrs. Tucker!

Man, what a relief.





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  1. see? Told you it would come!

  2. Woooohooo! Big step……best step! Keep us informed 🙂
    Great photo of you too !

  3. Love the picture — you do look ready! You do have the backup batteries for all the cameras charged, right? You’re going to need them!

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