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Info Overload: Do Moms Today Have It Easier Or Harder?

When I was pregnant with Boy, I was the first in my large group of friends to have a baby; I would be the go-to mommy for all-things-baby advice.

The overwhelming info overload of the mommy/baby industry of today was nonexistent.  Matter of fact, I didn’t read a single book or do any research on pregnancy or raising children; I figured if something came up that I was unsure about I would #1) ask the pediatrician or #2) ask the moms of my friends…you know, go to the deep wisdom vault of my elders.  Yes, they may have done things differently in their day, but the base of their advice was solid.

When I was a young mom, information was passed down from woman to woman, mom to mom, much like it is today, but on a much smaller scale.  Today, with the wealth of  info/blogs/books readily available almost instantaneously, it’s assumed that mommies-to-be and mommies have it much easier.

Or do they?

Your baby.  Your parenting?

While my method of jumping into motherhood without months of preparation might not have worked for everyone, I was very comfortable in my mommy-skin (after Boy arrived), mainly because I was 10-years-old when my youngest brother was born, and the built-in babysitter.  By the time I became a mother, I had years of experience and confidence.

Today, I have yet to meet a new or young mom who isn’t plugged into the mommy blog culture, or who hasn’t read reams of how-to books, or who hasn’t uber-prepared the way for their sweet bundle of joy.

Knowledge is power, right?

Or, is reading the blogs, joining the forums, discussing ALL THE THINGS, making it harder for new moms to ease into their new lives with baby?

I’m earnestly asking.

Don’t compare yourself with other moms.

I’m asking because I have seen the angst on the blogs and in their faces.  If I were a new mom today, I think my head might explode from all the shoulds and coulds and must-haves.  I need a what and I need it when?  Don’t do this, but do that.  Cloth diapers/disposables/breastfed/formula fed/co-sleep/get in dat crib!

So many choices, so many authoritative voices (some with little experience) and so much judgement!

Head’s up, momma: unless you’re letting baby zipline over a crocodile pit while covered in chicken fat, you’re probably doing it right for you and your family.

Allow yourself the space to be who you are as a mom.

Babies are resilient; ask anyone who has one.  Moms are too hard on themselves: ask any father.  Life is hard enough without feeling like you gotta run a parenting decision thru the Internet community.

On the other hand…

…what I would have done for the med sites when Boy was an itty-bitty.  Could have saved me so much aggravation and white-knuckled fear.  Yet, I know my research-loving nature would not have stopped there.  I would have spent hours checking and looking and asking.  I would have been a part of the mommy blogging culture.  I WOULD HAVE!  I would have read the blogs and wondered if their way was better than my way.  I would have considered advice from all comers.  I would have agonized and theorized and OMGized until I was worn out from all the thinking about being a mom instead of simply being a mom.

And that’s why I thank my lucky stars that I was born about 20 years too soon.

My personality is all-in, baby.  I know there’s got to be many more of you like me out there and it’s those moms that I worry about.

Too much of anything, including how-to-raise-baby articles, is never good.

If I could say one thing to info-overloaded mommies-to-be or new moms that they would hear, it would be this: your love + your baby = it’s gonna be fine.

To you young moms who read here, do you feel that you are overloaded with info, or do you feel you have it much easier today than us older moms? Overload schmoverload!

Maybe I’m just a relic who doesn’t understand the new generation’s need for so much info, or maybe I just think moms should give themselves a break and enjoy what’s right in front of them.

I’m going with the latter.

What about you?



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aimee fauci

Tuesday 10th of June 2014

I am most thankful for the internet when it comes to illnesses and symptoms and what to look for when they get that cough that sounds like a dog! I am NOT one that goes to the internet when it comes to parenting how to's because I am a parent that is so different from most. I am that parent that rolls her eyes at how this generation of moms thinks you should parent .. as what to say and what you shouldn't say and how to discipline... blah blah blah. This mama here goes w the flow, is very direct w her kids and does not fluff and w so many kids under my belt I have learned a lot from my personal experience. Not sure if that makes sense...

Mrs. Tucker

Tuesday 10th of June 2014

It makes sense! We gotta follow our instincts. I wish I had the Internet for medical stuff when Boy was young, but I never even read a book on parenting...not my thang. I just went with the very best for my kiddo at the time. Sounds like you do too.

Colleen Pence

Tuesday 10th of June 2014

I think both sides are true. It's too much info and, at the same time, it's great info, all at our fingertips. I think the thing to do is try to aim for balance. Trust your gut (always!). It never steers me wrong.

Mrs. Tucker

Tuesday 10th of June 2014

SO much great info, right? I can't even imagine being a new mommy today! You're right about trusting your gut. Always.


Thursday 12th of September 2013

My sister says that kids have too much stuff, PERIOD. That includes right from the beginning. Her local yard sale has 1500 members and 80% of the stuff on there is baby stuff - all kinds of gadgets.

When I had my first baby, my sister and mother helped me. Of course, by then, my sister had had 5 kids in 6 years so we were all babies all the time. :) I knew exactly what to do but when there was a problem, I went to them. If baby was sick, I took him to the doctor.

INFORMATION OVERLOAD today is an understatement!!!!

Thanks so much for linking each week and making our party so interesting.

Your friend, Linda

Mrs. Tucker

Thursday 12th of September 2013

Oh my gosh, I could use some baby clothes! Ha! I think the new mommies that were lucky enough to have prior experience with babies could see my POV a bit more than moms who went in cold. I understand that. But...I still think moms should cut themselves a boatload of slack. To me it's like anything in life when you ask someone's opinion. You better be ready for a warehouse of different thoughts/ideas of how to do things "right". So much info! Thanks for weighing in.


Thursday 12th of September 2013

Thanks for linking up! The hubby and I are discussing having little ones and already I feel overwhelmed; with what's online, people giving me advice on how I should take care of myself before I'm even pregnant, during pregnancy and after... Goodness! I love your comment about a baby zipping rolled in chicken fat over an alligator pit. :)

Mrs. Tucker

Thursday 12th of September 2013

Ha! Get used to it, mommy-thinking-to-be! You're the first to comment about that line...made me laugh when I wrote it and glad someone else had some fun with it!

Carrie This Home

Wednesday 11th of September 2013

I think moms these days have it harder because there's SO much information out there! It makes it way too easy for moms to compare with one another or compare my baby to how the books say things should be going. I really loved this encouragement you shared with younger moms--we really need it! Thanks for linking up to Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop!

Mrs. Tucker

Wednesday 11th of September 2013

Being a mom is hard, so I understand the need for so much information, but I think it's wise to temper ALL THE THINGS with just being. Glad you liked the post! Thanks for sharing.

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