What I’ve Learned: Three Years Later

As a mom of a grown son, I’m aware how fast time slips by, but people, I gotta tell you that I’m stunned three years are behind us since Sweet E entered this world. THREE YEARS! Someone grab a fan, and some sweet tea: the vapors are creepin’ on me! In case you’re new here, […]

What I’ve Learned: Two and a Half Years Later

Sweet sweet E, that child does nothing but elicit smiles, squeally voices and happy dances from me. Ah, grandkiddos! About every six months I find myself updating what I’ve learned from that whippersnapper.  About every six months I ask myself, too soon?  Maybe I should just do a yearly update…BUT I CAN’T!  Having an itty-bitty […]

What I’ve Learned About Breast Cancer #2

As I write this it has been approximately three weeks since my initial diagnosis.  What could I have possibly learned in three weeks time?  More than I ever wanted to, that’s what. Ready? Set. GO! What I’ve Learned About Breast Cancer Three Weeks In * Every breast cancer is different. * Every treatment is different. […]

Four Days In: What I’ve Learned About Breast Cancer

If you haven’t visited my facebook site in a couple of days, you might not know, but I’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer. No specifics yet, as we’re only four days out from diagnosis. There is some anxiety about the unknown, but mostly a driven determination that we’ll emerge on the other side, survivors. The […]

What I’ve Learned: Two Years Later

Those of you who joined this site in the beginning days will recall that I had my worries about being a Grandmama, Nana, Nonnie, Mimi…Choochie!  Just over two years have passed since those pre-Sweet E butterflies and, baby, I’m all in. You can read about all that I’ve learned HERE, HERE and HERE. I’ve taken […]