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What I’ve Learned: Two and a Half Years Later

Sweet sweet E, that child does nothing but elicit smiles, squeally voices and happy dances from me. Ah, grandkiddos!

About every six months I find myself updating what I’ve learned from that whippersnapper.  About every six months I ask myself, too soon?  Maybe I should just do a yearly update…BUT I CAN’T!  Having an itty-bitty around means they grow quickly, meaning so much is learned (on my end and his) in six short months.

To the bullet points!

* Stickers of any kind are a toddler’s best friend.  Not so much momma and daddy’s, but definitely Sweet E’s!

* He’s summer cool.

What I've Learned

* We’re in the dinosaur phase.  And the truck phase.  The train and car and airplane phase.

* Choochie can make a boy laugh, still.

* G-Daddy elicits grunts and guffaws from E with his shenanigans. I love those sounds, still.

* Reading books to E while Daddy drives them home after a long day at school and work is more fabulous than I thought possible.

* Sweet E is an expert at holding the phone while we Skype in the car.  Sure, he likes to push all the things and sometimes accidentally hangs up, but for the most part he digs technology.

* Watching the wheels of knowledge turn in your grandkid is as thrilling as when you watched the same process with your own kids.

* A small child walking around in just their sneakers and underwear is the height of toddler fashion.

* Skyping with E while he sits on the potty, during potty training, is a treat.  His delight in the enthusiastic claps and BRAVOS! that follow success make it an event worth attending.

* He’s morphing into a jibber-jabberer like his Choochie.  LOVE THAT! (sorry mom and dad)

* He’s smart. He’s stubborn. He’s a cautious adventurer.

* That smile will allow him get away with almost anything.  If he says my name while wielding that smile, the almost disintegrates into nothingness.

* I want him to live next door, or at the very least across the street. COME ON!

* Outside. Always.

* Macaroni and Cheese still ranks #1 of beloved foods.

* Sweet E is a big fruit lover.  LOVE!

* …and has developed a taste for M&Ms. Now we’re talkin’!

* He calls the spare room in their house “Choochie’s room.” While adorable for us, not so much for his maternal grandparents.

* Throughout my cancer treatments, a phone call, a picture, or even an small anecdote about him filled me with renewed strength and resolve.

* I will always miss Sweet E’s hand in mind, just as I still miss Boy’s hand in mine.

Y’all!  Just as I thought I knew everything there was ever to know about kiddos (arrogant, much?!), I’m still learning. Grandkiddos will do that to a Smuggy McGee!

While I end this update, it occurs to me that the next one will be when he’s three!  3-years-old!  ~faint~

Time is still flying, mah babies.  Make it count!


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What I've Learned: Three Years Later

Friday 12th of February 2016

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Wednesday 12th of August 2015

Thanks so much for sharing these tidbits. Kids grow and change so much at this age, and it's so easy to overlook some great changes if we don't stop and consciously notice them.

Patti Tucker

Wednesday 12th of August 2015

Truth! Every age brings growth and change and it's easy to miss if we aren't watching.

Jennifer S

Sunday 9th of August 2015

Sweet E sounds like an adorable character, just like his Choochie! Its amazing what those little ones can teach us!

Patti Tucker

Sunday 9th of August 2015

Thank you, Jennifer. He's stinking adorable and I just can fight that kinda sweetness!


Sunday 9th of August 2015

I want a big family but hubby doesn't want to have more kids so I tell my kids I want to be covered up in grand babies one day ;) I've requested 10 atleast lol

Patti Tucker

Sunday 9th of August 2015

BRILLIANT! All the fun, so little of the responsibility!


Saturday 8th of August 2015

Wow! Time goes so fast. I thought he was about a year old. (My little ones are 5 1/2 and 2 already. )

Patti Tucker

Sunday 9th of August 2015

It does go fast, doesn't it! Yours are growing as quickly!

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