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There’s STILL a What in My WHAT!

Back in the early days of Sweet E babyhood, I ordered a booster seat for his visits and then wrote about it.  I honestly didn’t think we’d get much use out of it, but I figured we’d at least get the worth of what it cost us out of it.  I was right and then some.

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Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat:

Affordable Booster Chair

(source: AMAZON)


  • Healthy care feeding tray with snap-on lid keeps feeding surface clean wherever you go
  • Easy-clean seat with no crevices to trap crumbs
  • Three height adjustments and three-point harness adjusts to hold growing child securely
  • Adjustable shoulder straps make it easy to carry
  • Front and rear seat straps adjust to fit virtually any chair


The Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat has a feeding tray you can sanitize right in the dishwasher. With the snap-on lid in place, the tray will stay clean until you’re ready to use it! So you can take it wherever you go (it folds compactly) and always be sure that baby’s feeding tray is dishwasher clean! Three height adjustments allow for a custom fit to any table. Front & rear seat straps adjust to fit virtually any chair and three-point harness adjusts to hold growing child securely. Folds compactly for portability, with a carry strap so you can take it anywhere!

While my initial testament to easy clean-up and storage still holds true, I’m also happy to report that it not only secures a wriggling a baby, but an on-the-go toddler.  Sweet E was just as happy to sit in this seat when he was a baby, as a toddler.  It indeed works as our small-fry grows.

WHAT OMT! KNOWS NOW: The snap-on tray isn’t worth the effort, as little fingers can easily pry it off and use as a baby frisbee.  The adjustable seat is an easy-to-adjust dream.  The last time Sweet E was here, we adjusted the seat and he fit right up to the table without having to use the tray.  Big Boy!

Sweet E using Booster Chair

Clean-up is easy, with a dishwasher safe tray.  For the seat, I would simply get Sweet E out of his chair (buckled in or not) and then wipe the seat and arms with a wet cloth.  DONE!

For the cost, you truly can’t beat the value.  Fisher-Price for the win…again!

For all you new mommies, or folks needing a baby shower gift, or for families wanting a leave behind at Grandma’s house so you have one less thing to lug around…THIS.

Happy Shopping, Y’all!

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Friday 3rd of April 2015

i need these for my nieces! great gift idea and thanks for the review

Patti Tucker

Friday 3rd of April 2015

No problem...go get them!

Laurie Meek

Wednesday 1st of April 2015

I would have loved something like this when my kids were small. Now with one in college & only one left "in the nest" I'll have to reconsider everything I knew about kid/baby products when the Grandbabies come along (but hopefully not for a while...), LOL!

Patti Tucker

Wednesday 1st of April 2015

When you become a grandmama: THIS! You must trust me; it's worth every penny.

Shelley J

Wednesday 1st of April 2015

I bought one of these for my cousin's first baby. She had put it on her registry and it was in my price range. She has gotten so much use out of it that her mom bought one for her house, too, for when the grandkids come. And now it's my go-to baby shower gift.

Patti Tucker

Wednesday 1st of April 2015

Testify! It IS a great gift. Love it so much!