Um, Yeah…That’s What We Did (not even close)

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Taking dem cutesy baby pics of your kiddos and grandkiddos can be a frustrating experience, no?  YES!

While this may be one of my shortest posts to date, it will be one that helps you learn some mad baby-taking photo skilz, yo. (Yes, I am aware I am the biggest doof when I write this way. Noted.)

Here is the after shot after trying like hell to recreate a daddy-son lookalike pic (Boy on the left, Sweet E on the right):

The truth of baby photo-shoots

Here are the behind the scenes shenanigans, with Girl, Sweet E and me:

The truth of baby photo-shoots

What you don’t see is G-Daddy off screen acting the fool trying to get the money shot smile from Sweet E, and Boy maneuvering around the room to take the pics.

When I ran across The Pregnant Chicken’s easy How To Do Your Own Baby Photoshoot post, I knew I had to link for y’all. It’s a quick reference and one you’ll use for years to come. My only addendum to the photoshoot post is to make sure you are close enough to catch baby if your photo surface is a few inches off the ground. Better yet, have an assistant.

Dem squirmy babies be quick!

Personally, I love the upclose shots, but you take what you love!

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You can CLICK HERE to see what I use (I didn’t have my Canon when this was taken).

Got anything to add? I know you guys are a wealth of experience. Share what works for you!

Happy Baby Photoshoots, y’all!




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  1. These are great tips. Those babies can wiggle around a lot and not cooperate, so you have the technique down. Shared on my social pages. Love, Lisa

  2. What a sweet idea! I can’t wait until I have grand babies to do this with! Also thanks for sharing The Pregnant Chicken’s link.

  3. That is such a precious memory, I’m sure! Love the re-created family shots. 🙂

    My go-to for baby photography tips is MeRa Koh–she’s written a couple of books with photo recipes and memories to capture.

  4. What a cute post!!

  5. Our new baby grand is ready for some Nini photo shooting. 🙂

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