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What I’ll Tell Sweet E: Just Show Up

While this is definitely a post for Sweet E, it’s also a post for all of us, because sometimes we can use the reminder.

March is here.  Did you notice?  The first day of spring is thisclose.

I even have photographic proof:

What I'll Tell Sweet E: Just Show Up

All of this means that it’s been a couple of months since we resolved to do better at that.

Did the reminder make you wince?  Was it like you just got your hair snatched and you’re flailing to get out?  Or did the reminder make you feel good, like a hearty hailed, WELL DONE, CAPTAIN! because you’re knocking your publicly announced intentions out of the park.

I don’t make resolutions, never have. (Wait.  I made a secret one this year, but it’s pure silliness, so it’s more of a this is gonna be so much fun thang that it hardly counts as a resolution.  And no, I can’t tell you until the end of the year, because then you’d be on to me and my fun might be ruined.)  My logic is simple: If you don’t make resolutions, you can’t make yourself craziery.  And less crazy is always a good thing.  No really, I asked Husband and he was all vigorous head nodding, over-smiling and two literal thumbs up.

Less crazy = happier life.

So, what the hell do I do when I want to accomplish something big?  What do I do when I need the motivation to kick it into high gear?  What do I do when I can dream the thing that I want, but can’t yet put my hands on it because I haven’t done anything to build it?


Just show up.

What I'll Tell Sweet E: Just Show Up

That’s it.

The secret of The Universe has just been revealed.  How do you feel?  A little let down?  Like you anticipated something shinier, maybe with a fireworks and jazz hands finish?

Yeah, lots of people feel like that when they learn something monumental, yet simple.

You mean all I have to do is just show up and POOF! there it is?

Yes and no.

You do need to just show up, but once you’re there you need to start the work, whatever work it is you’re committed to. By that I mean, you need to get to the place you need to be in order to make things happen.  Once you’re there (just show up), you have two choices: 1) Do the thing you originally intended or 2) realize you’re at the wrong place and go back to #1.

Want to be in better shape?  Get your ass to the gym, or get out the door and start walking.  Just show up, then start doing the work.

Want to be a better parent?  Take your kiddos to the park/for a drive/to get ice cream (just show up), then listen to those babes and let the magic happen.

Want to learn a new language/how to cook/build a house?  Take a class (just show up), then take notes and do as instructed.

Just show up.

Seems like the easiest thing to do…

…but know this, Sweet E, it’s the hardest step.

Quit talking about making resolutions and starting on Monday and convincing yourself that you’re too tired, or too broke, or too embarrassed.  If you have something you want to do, but you’re waiting for the right moment, or encouragement, or even your muse, you might want to ask yourself if you really want it at all.

We’ve all known the person who swears they’ll never marry/get a dog/find religion and then the right person/pup/conversion comes into their lives and they can’t wait to do the thing they said they’d never do.  Passion is like that.  There is no waiting.  There are no excuses.  There is only heat and desire and the right here, right NOW.

Just show up.

It’s one of the best pieces of advice I ever heard.

There’s only one more thing I’d like to say: From here on out, when you hear yourself saying that you want to do this or that, yet are no more inclined to begin the process to go after the this or that than before you uttered the words, allow yourself the grace to let it go.  Once you’ve given the unrealistic its walking papers, find the thing/s that makes your heart sing, that makes you giddy and ridiculous and sets you into motion regardless of how tired/broke/embarrassed you are.  And then?

Just. Show. Up.

You’ll know what to do after that.


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Thursday 20th of March 2014

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Sarah Mueller

Wednesday 19th of March 2014

When you put it this way, it doesn't sound quite so hard! I needed that today :) Thanks for sharing at Family Fun Friday - I'm featuring your post this week.

Mrs. Tucker

Wednesday 19th of March 2014

It's the ol' one step in front of the other approach! Thank you for the kinds words and for sharing.


Friday 14th of March 2014

I love what you said about "giving the unrealistic its walking papers". I often feel hung up on past events or attempts that didn't pan out, and get stuck on repeat instead of starting new ventures. Yes, I WILL give myself permission to give the unrealistic it's walking papers. Today.

Mrs. Tucker

Friday 14th of March 2014

Right? Your comment made me incredibly happy. "Today." Yes!


Thursday 13th of March 2014

LOVE this! So much truth and so simple. We want to talk and talk but taking action is the hardest part. Found you through the Friday blog hop. Definitely following now. Added you to my google plus circles. Angela @ Time with A & N

Mrs. Tucker

Thursday 13th of March 2014

It easier to talk about this, even I've been guilty of that. Thanks for the follow! Always happy to have a new reader!


Wednesday 12th of March 2014

I love these letters to your Sweet E! I've gotta read more. And great advice, by the way. I phrase it "Just do the next thing" but yes, just DO! Found you through WFMW

Mrs. Tucker

Thursday 13th of March 2014

Thank you for that. Some of those letters are harder to write than others, and I don't know if he'll ever read them, but I love the idea that he might one day.

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