What Grandma Drinks

What Grandma Drinks usually highlights an adult beverage or two, but this post is different; this post is about my morning joe.

I’d like to say three things before this post gets underway:

#1) I’m certified.

#2) I’m happy to share most of my embarrassing foibles in hopes of a laugh.  We need more laughs.

#3) The German (my mother…and yes, I call her that) is right: I have no shame.

What follows is a recent conversation I had with Husband:

Me to Husband: Did you notice how weird the coffee tasted this morning?

H: Yeah. What was wrong with it?

M: I have no idea. I thought you did something to it.

~Hours later~

M: OMGOSH! The cream is sour! (we had opened the carton the day before, so never suspected)

H: Gross. I drank all of my coffee, even came home for a second cup!

M: ~gagging~ I drank all of my first cup, then went back for a second! What the hell is wrong with us?

Hand to God, this is our life.

Weirder yet, I have video evidence, pre-gag-inducing revelation.

DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!  (as if.  you guys are waaaay smarter.  or at the very least, more awake.)

Class dismissed.


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  1. You could have avoided this problem if you drank your coffee black, as I do!

  2. That’s too funny 🙂 Thanks for sharing a laugh. cass-eats.blogpost.com I host a linky & drinky party each week starting on Wednesdays if you’d like to join.

  3. Oh my gosh. That is sooo funny. That sounds like something that would happen at my house. 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing, Mrs. Tucker!

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