Baby, It’s Cold Outside

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I am not a fan of cold weather and if at all possible, I won’t run in the cold (under 50°).  Thankfully, I currently live in an area where we get a few days of warmish weather mixed in with the cold, so I can get out occasionally.  It’s those interspersed warm days that save us born-and-bred Texans ’cause we have some of the thinnest blood around!

(FYI: Even though we’re talking about the cold, don’t forget about hydration, even through the winter months.  Water Benefits #1 and Water Benefits #2)

Since it doesn’t get incredibly cold here, when it does we, fine, maybe it’s just me, dress like we might die of frostbite.

Check it out: beanie (check!), gloves (check!), ridiculous boy’s jacket bought at Old Navy to be donated (check) and the most important piece…toasty warm blankie (checkitty check check!).


Just when I can’t stand another shivery day, I get a peek of sun and some needed vitamin D.  It doesn’t help that in the last two years I’ve developed an allergy to cold. (nope. not kidding)


So what’s a gal to do to keep active in the winter months when she’s an outdoor long-distance runner?  {crying isn’t an option because my tears will freeze.}

Someone get the lights and let’s roll the ridiculous video taken around Christmastime!

Thank goodness for our indoor bike.  This time of year, I’m still working off my Christmas/New Year’s overindulger pudge and I neeeeed that bike.

While I get a great workout on the bike, I’d rather be out on the streets, runnin’.

Do you face this problem?

What do you do?  Brave the icy temps?  Hibernate until spring?  Gym?  YMCA (everyone sing!)?

Come on, TELL US!


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  1. I’ve just arrived back in Texas after living in East Africa for the past year+. It has taken some kind of motivation for me to get my ass out of bed in this weather, much less exercising, haha!

  2. After being in Texas for the last 6 years (and Nebraska for 20 before) my blood has definitely thinned! You can’t drag me out of the house below 60 degrees and I look pretty similar to your bundled up picture when I do venture out!
    I’m lucky enough to work in a rec center and can get my workout in but when I can’t I do what can I at home. No equipment, quick workouts are definitely good to have one hand!

    • Mrs. Tucker says

      I bet when you first experienced a Texas winter, you laughed at all us natives a bit! Wusses! But now, we welcome you into our shivery club.

  3. Goodness, that looks cold. About the only real activity we get in winter is walking from the house to the car and an occasional walk or pruning plants.

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

  4. Oh how I love that outfit!
    I might live in Canada, but I can honestly say that the region I’m in we don’t get too many really cold days, average between 5 and 10 F, but this last week we’ve been seeing more -1 and 5 F. and in my world THAT’S COLD. Only problem is that the days that have been closer to the 5 F have been overcast and the days close to -1 F have been sunny and beautiful. So not fair.
    I’ve developed a love of snow shoeing this winter so my outfit of choice for braving the elements tends to be a very warm pair of snow pants, tank top, wool sweater, another sweater, vest, a thin wool neck warmer that covers my face and ears, and a wool hat that also covers my ears. My ears get cold really easy so I’m really big on keeping them covered, and I don’t do so good when my face is cold, hence the coverage of that as well.
    That being said, if I’m not snow shoeing or hiking in this weather, I probably want a blanket too 😉

    • Mrs. Tucker says

      i froze over reading about your cold. NOOO! That being said, I have always thought that I would love snow shoeing.

  5. You look fantastic! I need to get out and get moving more. But boy, when it’s dark and cold, it takes all I can muster to get my fanny out the door. When I do – I’m so happy I did. The fresh air, even if it’s cold, is so invigorating and it’s such a mood lifter. Vitamin D, indeed. STopping in today from Lisa’s Grand Social. Thanks for the motivation.

    • Omgosh…thank you! The cold is my bitter pill. I’ll do anything to avoid it. Thank goodness for indoor equipment. We’ve got a few more days of cold here, then a week’s worth of 70° weather. CAN’T WAIT!

  6. Good on you girl and keep being such a wonderful example! Stopping by as co-host of Homemade link Party.

  7. The sad truth is other than getting out to feed the livestock…nothing. This is really no good and I will have to begin spending time on the exercise bike. When spring comes there are a million things to do around here that require a higher level of activity and I have to be READY!

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