Oh, Boy!

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Boy. He’s one of my favorite things.  Spoken like a doting mom, right?

When Boy first entered our lives, I was nervous about being a good mom.  I find it interesting that when Girl entered our lives that I was nervous about being a good MIL.  When Sweet E entered?  Oh, man…the nerves.

But, as far as I can tell, it’s working out pretty good on all fronts.

I have Boy to thank for that.  He was my first.  My greatest.  My experimental, fun-time, push-me-to-my-limits child.

Little did I know that when Boy was born we would share a deep affinity for the laugh.  How ever life came, easy or hard, the one thing we could count on was sharing a laugh.

Listening to that laugh is still one of my favorite things in this life.

Thankfully, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.  Between having G-Daddy and OMT! for parents, he got the silly gene in spades.

Note about photo below: Prior to Husband snapping this picture, Boy and I were standing like two respectable adults in front of the George Bush Sr. Presidential Library.  Husband counted down 3….2…. and right before he said, “1,” I grabbed Boy’s ear and playfully gave it a twist.


The result is one of my fav pics ever of me and Boy.

Oh, Boy!

The German is right: I have no shame.  But, the silliness captures the essence of our life together; it’s unexpected and fun and filled with laughter.

Not a bad way to move through parenthood, or childhood, I think.


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  1. That is SUCH a great shot! One to treasure, for sure.

    • Thanks! I like the juxtaposition of our silliness vs the serious museum. If I remember correctly, there was a guard there that was not pleased with us. SHENANIGANS!

  2. I LOVE how you talk about Boy and all the special people in your life. It’s is so touching!

  3. Such a cute photo! LOL 🙂

    Again, thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

  4. Not a bad way, at all! I love it! Laughter is so important – as is being silly – and you’ve done both!

  5. Kids are the best!!! Stopping by as co-host of Homemade link Party.

  6. I hope I have silly moments with my son like this! He’s only two but we already like to laugh! I happen to love the silly candid photos just as much (or more) than the respectable posed ones.


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