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Brydge iPad Keyboard Review ~UPDATE~

Sad UPDATE on my Brydge iPad Keyboard is at the end of this post (update posted February 7, 2022).

Are you an avid iPad user, yet wish there was an easier way to navigate and use your tablet while relaxing?

The Brydge iPad keyboard is the answer!

I offer my review after a year plus of use.

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Before I owned an iPad, I had no idea there was a keyboard available that would make my research life so much easier.

Welcome, fancy-pants keyboard into my life!

What is a Brydge iPad keyboard?

Simply put, it is a keyboard that connects to your iPad, essentially giving the functionality of a laptop.

Brilliant, right?


How to connect an iPad Brydge keyboard to an iPad:

As you can see by the above photo, the iPad connects by being placed into the clamps and then syncing.

It is easy to connect and disconnect from the keyboard.

  1. You’ll want to place your keyboard on a flat surface like a desk or table.
  2. Rotate clamps into the up position.
  3. Align the bottom of the iPad with the clamps and insert, one side at a time, into the clamps by pushing gently down on iPad until fully seated with the keyboard.
  4. If the iPad is loose, squeeze hinges until secure

How to disconnect a Brydge keyboard from iPad:

  1. Place the keyboard on a flat surface.
  2. Gently pull the iPad up and out of hinge, one side at a time.

Will a Brydge keyboard work with any iPad tablet?

I have an older iPad – a 12.9-inch Pro – but Brydge makes a range of products and keyboards for iPad Pro, Mini, Air and for Surface Pro.

Once my keyboard was connected, I would forget it was a pad and not a laptop.

Do the keyboards have a trackpad?

Yes! Well, some.

My particular model does not have a trackpad and I have not found that to be an issue.

I simply use the keyboard for the bulk of my research needs (like finding the best cake filling for you!), then use the pad for scrolling and clicking links.

Best of both worlds!

Are the keyboards heavy?

No. Mine weighs a mere 1.67 lb (762g).

Here are the size measurements:

  • Length: 12.0 in (30.60cm)
  • Width: 8.75 in (22.10cm)
  • Height: 0.27 in (0.70cm)

The keyboard runs the length and width of the iPad, so when it’s closed it resembles a laptop and it easily fits in my backpack when I’m on the go.

What are the Brydge iPad keyboards made of?

The keyboards are lightweight aluminum.

It gets a bit cold to the touch in cooler environments, but never hot when in warmer ones.

Mine comes in the space gray pictured.

My particular keyboard, as in the photos, is compatible to these iPad Models:

  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2nd Generation)
  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro (1st Generation

Of course, you may have a different iPad, so it’s definitely worth checking with Brydge to see if they have one that suits your needs.

More Brydge keyboard details:

  • Backlit Keys
  • Backlight
  • Connectivity
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Viewing Ability Angles: 0-180 degrees
  • Battery Life Without Backlight: Up to 12 months at 2 hours use per day.
  • Rechargeable via micro-USB cable.
  • Keyboard Layout: QWERTY (English)

Is your iPad a tablet or is it a laptop?

YES, to both!

With the keyboard attached, your iPad tablet functions as a laptop.

Technology! It’s amazing!

When you order a keyboard you also get:

  1. 1 x Keyboard
  2. 1 x Micro-USB Cable
  3. 1 x User Manual

iPad not included. DARN IT! You also get a 1-year limited warranty.

Now that you have the deets of the keyboard, let get to my review.


Is a Brydge keyboard worth the cost?

100 times, yes.

I typically use mine for work related research (like how to make slow cook ribs) and to update sites.

I like to sit reclined on a couch or curled up in a chair, and to do that kind of work without the keyboard wouldn’t work.

The attached keyboard allows me to sit in any position I like, because the user sets the desired viewing angle from 0-180°. 

You’re the boss of the angle!

The hinges are strong and can take a beating – believe me, I adjust mine constantly, depending on where I have decided to work.

What if you prefer a table over a laptop, at times?

Simple, the tablet easily disconnects from the keyboard.

Done using as a tablet and need a laptop?

Reconnects easily too!

The very best of both worlds.

You’re winning, baby!

Is the Byrdge company responsive to customer’s needs?


My experience with the company has been stellar each time I’ve contacted them.

I found that in my first keyboard it wouldn’t hold a charge after the first year.

They happily solved my issue and in record time so I wouldn’t be left in the lurch.

They are delightful problem solvers!

Ipad vs Laptop

When I was looking to buy a new laptop, I reeeealy wanted an iPad, but the fact of how I work (reclined on a couch at times) made it seem like the laptop would win over.

It wasn’t until I discovered the Brydge keyboard that I considered the iPad might actually be a viable option.

No one I knew had used this product, so I kinda jumped in and held my breath to see if it would work.

Needless to say, it worked and I have been recommending the keyboard since for iPad lovers.

The one con in my review:

If there was anything I’d like to see done better (or maybe it’s user error – which is a strong possibility), it’s that when you open the ipad like a laptop, it takes a hot second (or 5) for the keyboard to connect and allow you to start typing.

It’s like it’s booting up.

Many times I forget it does this and start typing immediately, only to discover the pad has only caught a fraction of my phrase or sentence.


I want instant, dadgumit!

Honestly, for the rest of the amazingness, this is a very small con.

So small, that I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another or to recommend them to anyone (you!)

Here are a few links for you, if you’re interested.

Works with a Surface Pro as well!

If you have used a Brydge iPad keyboard, I’d love to know your thoughts.

Thanks for reading, y’all!

Original Post: January 6, 2022  ~ Sad Updated Post Below: February 7, 2022

This updated post comes about a month after writing the original post, about two years into owning a Brydge iPad Keyboard.

I’ll make the review short and sweet.

Update Brydge iPad Keyboard Review:

If you read the review you saw that my original keyboard would not hold a charge after the first year. I contacted the company and they found an open box keyboard and sent it to me gratis.

So nice! Made my love for the company grow.

Within a couple of months the replacement keyboard went dead and refused to charge.

No lights even flickered.

It. Was. Ded.

I contacted the company, hoping it was user error, looking for direction.

Also of note: I knew my keyboard was out of warranty – wasn’t looking for them to replace, simply direction.

Enter the reason for my sad update:

  • Me: Uh-oh, Something went wrong. Looking for direction.
  • ~discussion between us to ascertain problem~
  • Brydge: “Unfortunately, like other electronics, the keyboard has a lifespan and it appears that this device may have reached the end of that.”
  • Me: Oooookay, then. Not user error.
  • Brydge: We can give you a 10% discount on a new one!
  • Me: Appreciate it, but I’m gonna pass.

$100+ for a keyboard that dies after only one year, then the replacement dies after a few months, is not a great investment, no matter how much I love the product.

The Brydge iPad Keyboard is a terrific idea when it works.

  1. Solves the laptop issue.
  2. Easy to install and use.
  3. Sweet design.
  4. Intuitive, even without a scroll pad.
  5. Lightweight.

The Brydge iPad Keyboard is sad when it doesn’t work.

So, what now?

Now, I’m on the hunt for different product, most likely a laptop.

Ironically, when I purchased my iPad, I did so knowing I was going to pair it with the Brydge keyboard.

I had done my research. I had talked to the company. I was excited to be one of the first in my circle to try it.

If you look through reviews, the Brydge iPad keyboard is loved by many.

My biggest issue is I now have to find a replacement for my needs after a short time.


Conclusion to my Sad Update:

Do I still recommend the Brydge iPad Keyboard?

Sadly, no.

I am rooting for them though, because the concept is a beautiful thing when it works.

If you have used a Brydge iPad Keyboard and want to add your voice to this review, I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Or…if you have a suggestion for a different product…GIMME!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.