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What You Need to Know Before Buying: Cascade or Kirkland Dishwasher Pacs Review

What You Need to Know Before Buying: Cascade or Kirkland Dishwasher Pacs Review

Let’s talk about what you need to know before you buy, about getting our dishes clean.

Really clean

Sparkling clean.

Eat with the Queen clean.

photo of kikland dishwasher pac container with text

(I know, it’s weird I referenced the Queen – but she’s fancy and most likely wants – EXPECTS! – to eat her cake with a clean fork.)

This post is a review between Kirkland dishwashing pacs (the Costco house brand) and Cascade Platinum dishwasher pacs.

Before we begin, know this is NOT a sponsored post – just my experience with both products.

What You Need to Know Before Buying

Things to Know:

  • #1: I LOVE Costco and Kirkland, their house brand – I LOVE ‘EM!
  • #2: I will NOT stick with a product that doesn’t work, no matter the brand or my love for said brand.
  • #3: I’m here to offer the truth about my experience – but just my experience.
  • #4: I’m also all about keeping an open mind. Got something better? TELL ME!

~ A gentle reminder: OMT! uses Amazon referral links at no cost to you.~

Review One: Cascade Platinum Dishwasher Pods

What You Need to Know Before Buying

(source: AMAZON)

Oh, momma!

These tiny fresh scent pacs clean like YOU’D clean.

They work hard and efficiently.

Everything, from the silverware to the glasses to the bowls with hardened schmutz on them, came out squeaky clean and sparkly.

While I was expecting nothing short of a solid cleaning product, Cascade dishwasher detergent exceeded my expectations.

For this experiment to find the best dishwasher pacs, I loaded my dishwasher with the grimiest dishes and everything came out without needed a touch up.

I LOVE this particular Cascade product.


Product Deets:

~ No pre-wash needed-Cascade Platinum dishwasher detergent removes burnt-on food without pre-washing.

~ ActionPacs are formulated with the grease-fighting power of Dawn dish soap.

~ Our triple chamber Action Pac is tough enough to finish cleaning even your burnt on messes without pre-washing.

~ Cascade’s best dishwashing detergent keeps your silverware and dishwasher sparkling finish.

Product Description:

Cascade Platinum ActionPacs clean burnt-on messes in just one wash, with no prewash needed.

Premium tough-food cleaning powers away burnt-on foods, while built-in rinse-aid action and the grease-fighting power of Dawn make your dishes dazzle.

They’re our best clean for sparkling silverware and even your dishwasher.

Plus, Cascade Platinum dishwasher detergent is formulated to help prevent hard-water filming—keeping your machine looking fresh and clean. Simply pop in an ActionPac and reveal a Platinum sparkle.

Does Cascade have the best dishwasher pods?

Was the product description on Amazon sales hyperbole?!

I found all of it to be true, which honestly shocked me.

Cause really, how many products live up to their own hype?

No pre-washing needed = truth.

Dishes came out sparkling clean = truth.

Bonus: the inside of my dishwasher looks cleaner than ever!

I can and do, highly recommend Cascade Platinum action pacs.

Review Two: Kirkland Premium Dishwasher Pacs

As I said above, I love me some Costco.

I live roughly five minutes away from my local warehouse and they know me well!

I walk in: PATTI!

When I first got my membership, I was so happy to find a lower cost dishwasher pac than Cascade, until…

(is that a spoiler alert? me thinks so, my darlings)

(source: Amazon)

Product Deets:

~ 115 Dishwasher pacs per pack

~ Lemon citrus scent

~ Grease-fighting power with enzyme action, power of activated bleach

~ Attached the toughest stains

~ Works great on grease, coffee, wine, eggs

~ Contains a rinse aid

~ Sparkling clean, streak-free dishes

~ Incredibly easy to use, no unwrapping and no mess

~ Phosphate Free, Chlorine-Free, Salt-Free and Safe For Septic Systems

Oh, Costco – how I love thee.  Truly, deeply, madly.

I WANTED to love the Kirkland dishwasher detergent pods, I did.

~wiping tear from eye~

But, I think for the first time ever, I didn’t care for the Costco brand over a national one.

And, I was equally shocked and saddened that they let me down.

After I originally bought, and started using, the Kirkland brand pacs, I thought my dishwasher had seen better days, because thangs just weren’t getting clean.

I told Garry it might be time to go shopping for a new appliance.

Yep, I thought it was me, not them.

When the Kirkland brand failed me, I decided to try the Cascade Platinum Pacs.

When I switched brands, I wasn’t expecting much. I mean really, how much difference could there be in basically the same type products?

Color me stunned about how clean my dishes came out of the dishwasher.

How clean?

So clean that I would make Garry stop what he was doing and come look – for weeks!


God bless that man for humoring me!

So…Wait – WHAT?

Yep, it wasn’t me – it was them.

It pains me to say this, because the Kirkland brand and Costco are at the top of my list for most products, they are my beloved go-to for savings and superior products, but I wasn’t saving money buying the less expensive Kirkland dishwasher pacs.

They just didn’t get the job done for me.

Towards the end of my acceptance that I should try another product, I was using two pacs for one cycle and it still didn’t get them as clean as one pac of Cascade.

Nothing says NOT WORKING! like having to use twice the amount to get the job done.

Cascade dishwasher pac ingredients:

If you are interested, you can zip over to the Cascade page to see a full list of their ingredients.

Scroll down that page a bit until you come to the “smartlable” button. Click on it and it will take you to an informational page listing ingredients, safety, usage, handling, etc.

The best dishwashing soap? Cascade – Nothing Cleans Better!

Yep, they nailed it with their slogan.

At least for this review between Kirkland and Cascade.

Hands down, Cascade won this battle in our house.

What about you?

Anything you’d like to add? A favorite brand I (we) could pit against Cascade?

Whatever you are using, even if it’s Kirkland dishwashing pacs, I hope your dishes are serving the Queen worthy.

Happy clean dishes, y’all!

Original post: April 13, 2018 ~ Updated post: July 22, 2021


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Saturday 30th of October 2021

I enjoyed your review. I too buy a lot of Kirkland because of its quality. I recently retired to be caregiver to my wife and mum so I am, in me mum’s words, chief cook and bottle washer. The first and only experience I’ve had with Cascade Platinum was that my sister-in-law’s husband recommended it to clean many years of coffee stain from my 32 oz stainless steel Stanley and the Cuisinart carafe I’ve had since 2007 and have both been cleaned with soap, sponge and bottle brush. I filled each one with hot water and plopped a pod in each, stirred them occasionally throughout the day and then rinsed them that night. FLAWLESS. Looked as clean as new! So, when we replaced my mom’s dysfunctional dishwasher a couple of months ago, I bought a 62 bucket of Cascade Platinum and have been using it daily. I love the look of my doggie dishes and it even shines up the copper lined bottom of our Kirkland pots! Today I noticed the Kirkland pods at the warehouse and bought a 115 pac bucket. After reading your review I think I’ll stare and compare over the next week and then maybe alternate between the two until they are all used up. You’ve got my curiosity peaked! :o)

Patti Tucker

Monday 1st of November 2021

I love when a review is helpful! I also LOVE your hint for cleaning hard to clean containers. Thanks for sharing with us!


Saturday 16th of October 2021

Omg! Thank you! My family has been nagging me about the dishes being dirty- especially silverware. I was starting to take exception to their complaints when I decided to check for reviews on the Kirkland pacs that I bought last time and have been using for a couple of months. Now I know I am not alone! I will be getting myself some Cascade!

Patti Tucker

Monday 18th of October 2021

Hope you have amazing results!

Tricia Olson

Monday 26th of July 2021

I'll give cascade a try, maybe some day, but you should try Lemishine. I swear I don't work for them, but they make my 20 yr old dishwasher clean like it did when it was new, in hard water!

Patti Tucker

Monday 26th of July 2021

You are the second person to suggest!


Sunday 6th of September 2020

That's so funny! I found that the kirkland brand cleans BETTER than anything else I've used. I really think it depends on your water, machine, and it's cleaning action. I have used cascade (packs, gel and powder) it always leaves a residue! I like finish is just more expensive than kirkland. Sorry Kirkland didn't work well for you!

Vincent Lo

Friday 23rd of July 2021

@Art, the first thing I would ask is if the heater coil of your dishwasher is broken. I noticed my Kirkland pac not dissolving completely, and after some experiments, realized the cause of the problem (stated above). The pac will not dissolve completely in hot water from the pipe till it is further heated by the dishwasher coil.


Saturday 2nd of January 2021

@Kristina, Just want to warn you. We used Kirkland wash washer pacs and our Kitchenaide dishwasher is now basically destroyed. Let me explain. The plastic they use to wrap the soap is supposed to dissolve in hot water. Take one of those pacs and open it and set the powder aside. Now run hot water onto the plastic and rub it between your fingers -you will discover a gooy guk.Our dishwasher over a period of one year slowly got worse at cleaning the dishes until it got to the point where my wife was extremely upset with the dishwasher, enough so that I took a look at it. There was a "scum" on all the "hidden" parts, meaning the rollers the back side of all the interior pieces. I took the insides completely apart. I was able to clean the outside of the parts, however the goop is inside the spray arms and inside every place where the water is supposed to flow through. I am trying to find something that will dissolve this stuff but have not found anything. I have tried straight bleech, full strength mr clean, solvent, alchohol, spray 9... nothing I try has been able to dissolve this scum. So in essence when I put it all back together it still does not clean properly because the spray arms continue to plug up with the gunk that is inside the spray arms which I cannot get out. If anyone out there knows what will dissolve this plastic guk... please let me know.


Tuesday 29th of October 2019

My husband was a Finish guy, I never used the packs before I met him, but I thought they worked fine until.....


Blows them out of the washer.

But hey, I might try cascade premium, Lemishine continues too be hard to find, we can get the packs here, but not the rinse aid, or the booster there, but never all three in one place, and some places don't carry any of it.

Patti Tucker

Tuesday 29th of October 2019

Boy has used Lemishine before - that's where I saw it. Weird that it's getting harder to find.