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Optic Nerve Sunglasses Review Strikes a Nerve

Head’s up, mah babies. I did a product review for my running blog last week and I wanted to share it with you guys because this product is that good.

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This is a review for Optic Nerve sunglasses. I was NOT compensated for this review. Simply wanted to share an amazing product with you guys.

While, I use these glasses for running, Husband bought a different pair (less flashy pair) for everyday use.  Keep in mind that you don’t have to be an athlete to protect those beautiful orbs!

Y’all know I consider myself a regular joe-shmoe runner gal. Not any more. From here on out, I be a profesh.


Oh, my. So sweaty. So, pretty.  Eep!

My friends at iRun of San Antonio were celebrating the grand opening to their second store and Garry and I popped in because I needed new shoes. Since I’m a pretty easy fit (I bought the Brooks Ravenna 4), we had lots of time to look around the store.

I’ve been jonesing for some fun-colored compressions socks, but I got totally sidetracked by the fun-colors on the sunglasses rack.

If these don’t scream PATTI, I don’t know what does.

Neurotoxin2_Green_PremiumIC1image source: Amazon via Optic Nerve


The Optic Nerve rep filled me in on all the perks of these particular glasses.

She said this about the frames, except in a more conversational way: (Manufactures Product Description) Fully featured, aggressively styled frames benefit from triple injection molding with Tactilite that maximize adjustability and enhances durability while providing groovy style accents. Vents in the upper outside corners of the hydrophobic andanti-reflective lenses let body heat escape to prevent fogging.

Groovy?! Well then…

I wore them outside to make sure they’d protect my special eyes (sooo special) and BAM! I was sold. The funky color didn’t hurt.

What did I think once I actually put them to the test?

The Pros:

This week, I wore them on my long run and simply forgot I was wearing them. I’m telling y’all, they are that good. They come with two additional sets of lenses, but I haven’t used them yet, although I am looking forward to playing with them. Hell, I might even start wearing them around the house. Isn’t that what professionals do?! ISN’T IT?

Well, the annoying ones, at least. (hey! that’s me!)

The optics are phenomenal. Crisp clear images. No squinting. Glare cut.

Note to rogue squirrels: I SEE YOU!

They are lightweight and there was no bouncing. They are adjustable at the nose piece and on the rubber temple pieces that fit over the ear. After I adjusted them for my tiny pea-head shape, they gripped my head perfectly. If I had taken a fall, I felt these badboys would have effortlessly stayed on my face.


My lenses are vented on the sides and they seemed to sit a bit higher on my nose, which also helped with ventilation.

Anti-fog properties? They’ve got ’em.

They are have a magic coating (hydrophobic coating) that repels water, dust and oil. So, when I’m running in the rain, I’m assuming I’ll be able to see better while still wearing my glasses. Not sure about the oil thingy. I’ll have Garry wear them when he changes the truck’s oil and get back to you.

It goes without saying they have 100% UV protection. But, I said it anyway. So there.

They’re uber affordable. I don’t play when it comes to sunglasses. I need the good stuff. The good stuff usually translates to lots of coin. Optic Nerve glasses are not only affordable, but a bargain considering all their features.

The One Con:

They are made in China. I understand there are business reasons to manufacture in China (keeping costs down), but my Made-In-America loving heart squinches in pain when I see that label. It’s a rare day that I willingly hand over my money for a product that I know is made in China.

Don’t get me wrong, just because they were made in China doesn’t diminish their quality; these glasses are stellar. I mean, I bought them right? Hell, Husband even bought a pair. (he’s worse than I am about made-in-china stuff)

So, don’t let that stop you.

Want a pair?  CLICK HERE and order your own.

As I said in the video, I don’t think I’m buying any other sunglasses. I’ve been a HUGE Serengeti gal for more years than I can count, but the Optic Nerves beat ’em. Plus, they’re a bit easier on the wallet.

Can’t beat that.

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