Is Maple Syrup the New Super Food?

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Can it be? Can something so delicious as maple syrup be considered the new super food? Be still my sweet-loving tooth!

Is Maple Syrup the New Super Food?

A study released by the impressive Dr. Navindra Seeram of the University of Rhode Island, suggests maple syrup, the pancake’s and waffle’s BFF, is on the cusp of stardom (pending more studies, of course!).

Someone get the lights. To the sweet video!

Soak it in, my babies. A sweetener you love that loves you right back. That’s a magical unicorn we can believe in!

The good doc says,”We don’t know yet whether the new compounds contribute to the healthy profile of maple syrup. But we do know that the sheer quantity and variety of identified compounds with documented health benefits qualifies maple syrup as a champion food. It is a one-stop shop for these beneficial compounds, several of which are also found in berries, tea, red wine and flaxseed, just to name a few.”

He added,”It’s important to note that in our laboratory research we found that several of these compounds possess anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which have been shown to fight cancer, diabetes and bacterial illnesses.”

Lovely findings, doc!

Here’s another quick video concerning research on maple syrup:

I’m thankful for researchers who make it their life’s work to get us important information about the foods we eat and how they can get us and keep us healthy.

I’m also thankful maple syrup is now a guilt-free pleasure on my pancakes and waffles, and, wait for it…in my morning coffee! Nope, not kidding. It’s bliss, y’all.

Knowing what’s on my plate and in my cup can lend a hand to good health makes OMT a happy gal.


~DISCLAIMER: I am not a doc, nor do I play one on the Internets. This post is simply my thoughts on the subject.~


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  1. cool! I always love finding out benefits of foods i love:)

  2. Maple syrup in coffee? I’m going to try that! I’ve been using maple syrup with my homemade granola and other foods as a sweetener. Guess I need to do it more.

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