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Folex Carpet Spot Remover

Folex carpet spot remover:  Let’s talk about what I use on my carpet to get out stains. Stains of all kinds – even blood (EEK!), have come out treated with Folex. We’ll get to the blood later… The Folex company has produced an amazing product that cleans upholstery, removes stains, and cleans carpets. All in …

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Duvet Schmuvet, No More!

Confession Time: I’ve wanted a generously large goose down comforter for years, but have failed to fulfill that wonderfully fluffy dream because I’m scared of duvet covers.  Yep, scared.  They are totally bewildering to me.  I’ve looked at them with no understanding. Yes,  I see you’re a cover that protects my goose downy investment.  Yes, …

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Do Yardwork Like a Boss

OMT! loves yardwork.  No really, I’m not joshing.  I love to get my hands dirty and wack at things, plant things, build things and use chipping hammers to dig out things (like an old concrete foundation). (what follows is not a very attractive OMT!, but a happy one!) Hell, yeah! I own a giant wagon …

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