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Folex Carpet Spot Remover

Let’s talk about what I use on my carpet to get out stains: Folex carpet spot remover.

Stains of all kinds – even blood. EEK!

We’ll get to that later…

Folex is the best carpet stain remover I have used.

And that says a lot, given the dogs with muddy paws on white Berber carpet, the hairball spewing cat (never in a secluded or hidden spot), the forgetting-to-wipe-their-shoes boys and, for good measure, you can throw in me and Garry. Grownups are messing too!

(altho – the ONE stain I hadn’t tried it on was poop. i used this instead. now you know.)

That’s a boatload of stains, yo.

Folex Carpet Spot Remover

Show of hands: How many of you thought I just misspelled “Rolex” in the title?

Well, Folex, the carpet spot remover, is kinda like the Rolex of carpet cleaners to me, so you weren’t far off.

Here’s a little background of the messes in my life since we have owned the house with WHITE BERBER carpeting:

* Three large indoor dogs, ranging from 54-75 lbs.

* A daily spuking (or puking, to you normals out there) hairball-afflicted indoor cat.

* Teenaged Boy and friends.

* Garry and a general, “Oh, did I do that?!” innocence.

* Me and my bringin’-the-outdoors-indoors schmutz, especially when I’ve been in the garden.

* Sweet E and his drooly, peey, drippy orifices.

Did you catch the part about my WHITE BERBER carpeting?

That list is a whole lotta dirt to grind into all that white.

Enough to make one crazy if one didn’t have anything to clean that WHITE BERBER carpet with.

You caught the yelly part about my white carpet, right? (mostly for dramatic effect – gotta grab ya in the WHAT WAS SHE THINKIN’s?!)

Honestly, that carpet was one of the best decisions we ever made.

If you have never owned Berber carpet, then you may not know it is known for it’s easy cleaning and stain-repelling ways. I think it’s the tight knit fibers at work.

Nevertheless, I love Berber – highly recommend.

A gentle reminder: OMT! uses Amazon referral links at no cost to you!

Enter Folex Instant Carpet Spot Remover:

Folex Carpet Stain Remover

Folex Cleaner is an underrated powerhouse.

While it doesn’t look like much, meaning the packaging isn’t fancy, this stuff works.

There’s always at least one bottle in my cleaning supplies.

Here’s the product information I love about Folex:

#1:  It’s odor-free.

#2:  VOC’s, CFC’s, and Petroleum free.

#3: NON-TOXIC: this is a biggie for me, as I won’t buy the toxic stuff because, HELLO!, it’s toxic.  Plus, can’t have Sweet E on my carpets rolling around in chemicals.

#4: No solvents = non-flammable. This was more of a fun fact for me, but maybe for you it’s important.

#5:  Folex is safe to use in carpet cleaning machines.

Wait! What?!

You don’t have to only use Folex for spot cleaning, you can also use it in a machine for the bigger jobs?!

Yes. Yes, you can.

Folex’s suggestions for using in a carpet cleaning machine:

Test the carpet to be cleaned for color fastness and color stability by applying Folex on a hidden area of the carpet, such as in the corner of a closet.

Only use on colorfast, and color stable carpets.

If you are using a machine with a direct draw tube: put the tube directly into your bottle of full strength Folex.

If you are using a machine with a mixing tank: mix 1 part Folex with 4 to 6 parts warm water.

The softer your water is, the better your results will be.

Do not use hot water when cleaning your carpet, as excessive heat can set stains.

You should pre-treat heavily soiled areas with full strength Folex, agitating into stained areas, just prior to using the machine.

It is not a soap, so you do not need to add a defoamer.

It will not leave a sticky residue, so you do not have to rinse.

It is not a solvent, so your carpet backing will not be damaged.

Folex is “Non-Ionic”, so it will not attract dirt back to the cleaned area.

It is “Non-Toxic”, so your newly cleaned carpet is safe for your children and pets.

Using Folex in a machine was a revelation to me.

I only discovered I could do this last year, even though I have been using this product straight from the bottle for many years.

I don’t know why it never occurred to me.


Usually, I follow the instructions (always test on a hidden area) and it works, but for some reason I never knew you could use it in the carpet machine.

Even then, I was a bit skeptical.

So, what did I do?

I tested it for ya!

Here are my results (I didn’t get “before” pics, dang it.)

Please note these carpets are 20-years old.

This is the area in front of the couch.

Folex Carpet Stain Remover

We spend lots of time here with Dexter Dog.

The whiter spots are where I spilled and it’s still w-e-t. Hence, the fan.


Out teeny tiny hallway is up next:

As you can see, the Folex didn’t make the carpets “like new” but it went a long way in getting the path less-worn looking.

This is the area that leads from the kitchen to the other rooms:

Folex Carpet Stain Remover

This area gets lots of traffic.

Probably the most traffic in the entire house.

Think Dexter charging through with muddy paws, bounding in from the garage, think Husband straight from work, with work boots still on, think hungry boys piling into and out of the kitchen, think Patti and her cake messes.

Still though, look at that whiteness.

Folex knocks out your carpet stains and spots!

In this pic, I want you to look at the area right by the door.

Folex Carpet Stain Remover

That area is notorious for a dirty hue.

We all drag the outdoors in with us.

After a cleaning (and the drying) it was very clean. (those darker wet spots dried to a normal hue)

The Opposing Camp:

Some folks aren’t sold.

I asked around to see if others I knew used Folex or had heard of Folex and I got a mixed bag of results.

Those who love it, LOVE IT.

Those on the fence had this to say:

Folex turned the cleaned spot light, when completely cleaned.

It didn’t get the stain all the way out.

It left my carpet with a lighter spot, after it dried.

Fair enough.

I have experienced this also, but since I have that white Berber (again: I have never ever regretted my decision to get that carpet, so if you’re on the fence, know it has been amazing for us), my perception has been that the lighter spot is the cleaned spot when using full-strength. You know…um…the rest of my carpet wasn’t as clean as the newly cleaned spot.


Not getting the stain fully out has also happened to me. Mostly because (I think) it was an older, more set spot.

FYI: Folex can also be diluted if you feel that the full strength (on your test spot) might get the area too clean!

Is Folex just for carpet stains?

Negatory, Ghost Rider.

I have successfully used Folex on upholstered chairs, clothes and on a wall.

The wall was an accident finding. I was cleaning a spot on the floor, noticed a spot on the wall and blasted it with a spray from the bottle.

Wiped clean with no damage to the paint.


From the manufacturer:

Works on: FOLEX is not just for carpets! FOLEX is safe for any material that is both colorfast and color stable, including hard surfaces, that can be safely dampened with water, such as…

Upholstery, Clothing, Draperies, Car Interiors, Walls, Woodwork, Floors and More!

What other types of stains does Folex remove?

Ashes ~ Makeup

Crayon ~ Sauces

Grass ~ Dirt Grime

Many Inks ~ Copy Toner

Pet Accidents ~ Urine ~ Blood ~ Vomit

Tea ~ Soft Drinks ~ Coffee ~ Fruit Juice

Household Grease ~ Auto Oil

And many more.

Throw a stain at it and see if it works.

How does Folex work?

From the manufacturer:

Chemically: FOLEX is a Water Based Non-Ionic Surfactant

WATER BASED means that it uses water to wash the stain away, for safety, and virtually residue free cleaning.

Unlike some soap, solvent, or oil based cleaners that could be smelly, toxic, flammable, leave a sticky residue, or damage the carpet backing.

NON-IONIC means that it does not have a positive (+) or a negative (-) charge… therefore it will not attract or repel dust and dirt, so that the cleaned area will soil uniformly with the surrounding area. The spot will not reappear!

SURFACTANT means that it is an emulsifying agent that reduces surface tension… So it breaks up the stain, and surrounds it, so that it can be removed by blotting with a dry cloth or paper towel.

How I Use Folex as a carpet spot remover:

I use the product full-strength, spraying right out of the bottle, for spot cleaning,

I then rub in with gloved fingers (although manufacturer indicates: Non-Toxic, completely non-irritating to normal skin ).  I use gloves because of my allergy-prone system.

After a few seconds, blot (see video below).

Repeat steps if necessary.

After all cleaning and drying is complete, brush the spot as directed.

What the heck is blotting?

Watch this vid:

I blot with either white paper towels or a white soft cloth.

Each will allow me to judge if there is more stain to be blotted.

When my cloth or paper towel no longer registers stain is being picked up, I know I’m done.

How I Use Folex in my machine:

I pretreat all difficult or particularly dirty areas, using Folex straight from bottle, as indicated above.

Then, I used one full bottle diluted with water to clean my carpets with the machine.

I make sure and go over with the suction a few times to make as dry as possible.

I place fans in room and let dry.

It’s helpful to do the machine cleaning in the warmer months, as the drying time is greatly reduced.

Final Analysis:

I have tried almost every non-toxic product out there.

With the cat, I was spot-cleaning those carpets on a daily basis and nothing was working.

It was out of desperation that I tried Folex.

I found Folex at Home Depot and had tried everything else on the shelf, so I though what could it hurt. I took it home, used it, and BOOM! haven’t looked back.

I am definitely in the LOVE IT camp.

Hey, remember I said it gets out blood stains?

Check it out.

If you noticed on the Folex label it also claims to remove blood stains. 


I got the chance to test that claim this week.

Garry cut himself while working on a job site and bled all over the front of his jeans. 


After cleaning up the best he could, he continued working in the 100° Texas temps (Texas Tough, y’all!), effectively baking in the blood stains.

Good job, baby!

When he got home that evening, he explained what had happened and asked if I could get the stains out.

Oh, sure, sweetheart. I’m June Cleaver – I can do anything!

I didn’t have the heart to tell him set, nay SUN BAKED!, blood stains can be the hardest, if not impossible, to get out.


I washed the jeans a four times (but didn’t dry) before I remembered the Folex. 

I grabbed the bottle, sprayed the area, worked it in, then washed again. 

The stains were definitely lighter, but required a few more washings with a few more sprays of Folex.

Aren’t ya dying to know if they came out?

Today, the only thing left of the massacre is a faint small brownish spot. 

Most all the stains came completely out; I couldn’t believe any of them came out.

We’re counting it as a success. 

I feel certain if I had caught the stains earlier and had remembered to use Folex immediately there would be no traces of blood left on his jeans.

Folex is a must have in your cleaning supply arsenal.

I can’t imagine my life without it (mostly because it’s non-toxic and works) .

I use Folex in my carpet cleaner.

I use one full bottle diluted with water to clean my carpets with the machine.

I use Folex to spot-clean carpet or upholstery.

Always remember before you use on a new surface, to do a test spot first – then proceed as per directions.

I use the product full-strength, spraying right out of the bottle, for spot cleaning, then brushing the spot as directed. 

After a few seconds, blot. 

Repeat steps if necessary.

I Folex use on my laundry.

Pre-treat, then wash as usual.

There are two bottles under my kitchen sink.

One identical to the pic above and one giant bottle as a refill.

I can’t imagine my cleaning life without Folex.

If you need an amazing product that cleans stains you thought hopeless, you should give Folex a try. 

It’s one of my must haves.

Have you tried it? If so, what do you think?

Happy cleaning, y’all!

Original post: August 27, 2013. Updated post: July 28, 2019


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Friday 5th of November 2021

What is the ratio of water to Folex that has been effective for use in your machine?

Patti Tucker

Monday 8th of November 2021

I follow directions on bottle. Hope that helps.


Tuesday 29th of June 2021

Anybody use it on canvas?

George Rachau

Monday 26th of August 2019

how much is it

Patti Tucker

Monday 26th of August 2019

Scroll to bottom of page: a two pack is going for around 1$17-$18.