The Chemistry of Cookies

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Dozens upon dozens of cookies were baked over the holidays, but have you ever considered the science, or the chemistry, of the cookies you baked?  Probably not.  We be focused on the baking…not the science!

How about a post-Christmas baking marathon TED-Ed video? Someone get the lights…

The Chemistry of Cookies

Whoa. That was a smackdown of useful information that you can school the kids/grandkids with (you can also let them know that, yes, they may now end a sentence with a preposition).

If you’re anything like me, you like to know the whys behind what you’re doing.  Some of us never outgrow that 3-year-old stage of unending questions, right?  RIGHT?!

Or a delicious home-baked cookie.

Filled Chocolate Cookies



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  1. Gotta love those TED talks and videos! That was very cool and I’m kinda wishing I had one of those cookies pictures right now. 😉

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    Diane Roark

  3. I’d like one of those cookies in your picture!! Clicking over and I hope I am going to find a recipe!

  4. I always said the cookies were done when you could smell them, many, many people have coerced me into using the timer, thank you science!!! (And Mrs. Tucker too!)

    • Mrs. Tucker says

      SCIENCE! Some things we just know in our guts to be true, we just can’t explain why (until we see a TED video!).

  5. Science is awesome! I’m going to send this to my sister-in-law who is a kindergarten teacher committed to showing her students the joys of science in every day life. She will love this!

  6. I loved the video. Thanks for sharing that I would never have seen it otherwise. I love learning the chemistry behind cooking and baking. I’m just a science geek at heart 🙂 I found you on freedom fridays.

  7. I will be baking my cookies at 356° from now on.

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    Debi and Charly @ Adorned From Above


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