The Easiest Inexpensive Face Cleansing Method: One Year Later

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Last summer, I wrote about The Easiest Face Cleansing Method…Ever and I wanted to come back after a year’s time to let you know if I gave it up or if I’m still a convert.

Still a convert, my babies.  Even more so if that’s possible.

This is a staple in the shower (to be used after a sweaty run) and another one in my bathroom cabinet:

The Easiest Face Cleansing Method Ever Revisited

Let’s review:

The basic recipe:  Mix a good quality olive oil with castor oil and wash yo face!

Ok, there’s a little more, but I swear that’s about all there is to it.  Was anyone else freaked out because of the castor oil?!  I was totally apprehensive when I first read the recipe.  I was all, “Castor oil?!  They still make that stuff?”

Why yes, yes they do.

My specific recipe:

1 part extra virgin olive oil

2 parts castor oil

Shake together in a bottle.


See?  Simple.

How to:

Pour a small amount of mixture on your fingertips and apply to a dry face by moving your fingertips in small circular motions around your face. Make sure your entire face is covered, then use a warm washcloth to remove, rinsing as necessary.  When you’re done, marvel at your dewy soft face.

I do this only once a day, in the evening, but know some of you will do it morning and evening.  After I wash my face I also use a tiny bit of coconut oil to moisturize.  So amazing.

My face tends to be on the dry side, until I run in the crazy heat and humidity, and that’s why I only do this routine in the evening.  In the morning, I merely splash my face with cold water (been doing that part for years, even with my old method), pat dry and moisturize with a bit of coconut oil. EASY!

Using this method, I have found that I have had considerably less breakouts during the year, even during the brutally humid summer running season.

Many have had questions about the oil; it seems counter-intuitive to put on an oily face.  Yet, the science behind this method stands, as in like dissolves like, IE oil dissolves oil…BAM!  SCIENCE!

So, back to my skin.  It’s smooth and buttery, not at all oily.  It shines in a subtle inside out way. Y’all, OMT is a woman of a certain age, you know?  Her skin and her weirdo way of referring to herself in third person should be getting, um, less than.  NOT SO!  #1) Talking about oneself in third person is fun.  Go ahead, try it.  #2) My skin looks better than it ever has.

The German (my mom, for all the new readers) is European.  She has long used oil on her face ( I hear it’s the beauty secret in Europe) and at her age (if I told you, she’d find me and kill me…let’s just say it rhymes with beventy beven) her skin looks at least a decade younger.  When I was a kid and witnessed what she put on her face, I was mortified.  After all, we lived in the scorching Texas sun and oil seemed so wrong, but baby, proof be in the pudding; her skin is fabulous.

I will say that I have tweaked my particular formula at least three times.  I’m going through perimenopause, so my needs are changing.  Right now, I’m using a 50/50 mix.  You’ll find the right percentages for your skin too because it’s so stinkin’ easy.

Last year:

What I’ve noticed in the two months since changing my face cleansing routine:

1) My face is amazingly softer and dare I say brighter…like from the inside out.

2) Fewer noticeable wrinkles.  No lie.  Even the ones that are already there seem less than somehow.

3) My face feels clean, not stripped and tight.

4) It removes make-up better than my cold cream did, even mascara.  BAM!

5) The coconut oil moisturizer is the icing on the deliciously clean cake.

This year:

What I’ve noticed in over a year since changing my face cleansing method:

1) My face is amazingly softer and dare I say brighter…like from the inside out.

2) Fewer noticeable wrinkles.  No lie.  Even the ones that are already there seem less than somehow.

3) My face feels clean, not stripped and tight.

4) It removes make-up better than my cold cream did, even mascara.  BAM!

5) The coconut oil moisturizer is the icing on the deliciously clean cake.

6) It’s insanely easy.

7) It’s an inexpensive healthy alternative to expensive, chemically-riddled, complicated face cleansing methods.

Yep, everything is the same except for the extra cash in my wallet and the extra time I’ve saved.

No idea where to get castor oil (I didn’t)?

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You can buy castor oil at your local drug store, or ORDER HERE.

What are you waiting for?  I know you’d like to save your money and time for better thangs.

Happy easy/inexpensive face cleansing, y’all!


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  1. I am so trying this! I have lost my youthful glow – menopause ya know! She’s not been a good friend to me! Pinning!

  2. I totally started doing this about 6 months ago! LOVEEE it!!! I have battled acne since I was 12. I started this to try and clear my face. It’s really helped heal my breakouts faster and my skin is a lot more balanced. Not as oily as it used to be. I’ll be posting my skincare stuff soon when I feel like I have my skin better under control. Thanks for posting. I hope more people can reap the benefits of this awesome cleansing method.

  3. Honest to goodness, up until six months ago my skin has always been fabulous. Smooth, clear, and dewy. Then the big 4-0 smacked me upside the head leaving me with incredibly dry, bumpy skin on my face.

    I’m on the verge of getting some expensive chemical peel but I think I’ll try your concoction first. That’s for the recipe!

    ~ Ashley

    • It would be worth your time to try this first because my guess is you have olive oil in your house and you’ll just need to make a quick run for the castor oil. It doesn’t take much to get the job done. Like a mini-facial. Hope it works. Please come back and fill us in.

  4. I have to try this!

  5. Awesome. I use coconut oil, but I really like this. thanks for telling me where to buy caster oil because I wouldn’t have a clue. Off to see if I can get some! 🙂

  6. Girly this reminds me that i need to get back to my castor oil…I’ve been cheating on it and using all sorts of other things which are fine but that castor oil did things for my eyes that nothing else has ever done!

  7. Hmmm…you have me thinking on this one. I just wash my face with castile soap. I love the clean feeling, but I ALWAYS follow with a moisturizer that I make because it leaves my skin feeling tight. I’m in that middle-life area myself (although I refuse to admit it because it would reflect the fact that I plan to live to be 90, and I actually want to live longer than that…), but I have noticed that my skin is really trying to advertise how long its been around these days.

    I’m going to give this a try, and I’ll be back to let you know how it goes.

    Thanks for sharing at Wake Up Wednesday!

  8. Well, this certainly sounds interesting and well-worth trying! I’m in the post-menopause group, but that does not mean I am completely rid of all the ugly symptoms. The “adventures” of women aging…….well, it’s pretty much the gift that keeps on giving! I’m vintage enough to have actually been given Castor Oil as a child when I was sick — all I remember is “gross!” Having lived in the AZ desert for 30+ years now, my skin has definitely gone from extremely oily to more dry. I’m definitely going to give this concoction a try! Thanks for sharing.

  9. This looks like a great cleanser. The castor oil is good. I use it in a lot of beauty products.

  10. Linking up to you from the Grand Social. I’m going to try this ASAP. Sounds terrific! Thanks for sharing your update.

  11. I have started using this and I love it. I use sunflower oil though but it’s seriously the best. It’s so easy to do, doesn’t burn my eyes, is gentle and I really notice a healthy glow instead of an oily residue.

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