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The Slinger: Mason Jar Shot Glasses

If you’ve been reading here for any length of time, you’re familiar with my Mason jar issues. I think they’re swell for canning, for storing food, but I take issue with pretending they’re bowls. Um, BOWLS are better suited for being bowls, not jars. GOSH!

Consider yourself up to speed!

I do make an exception for all thangs drink-related when it comes to Mason jars. I point you to exhibit A: Mason Jar Shaker (I actually own this shaker and it brings me great happiness!)

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Mason Jar Shaker

(source: Amazon)

The Slinger Mason Jar Shot Glasses

(source: Amazon)

Product Deets:

* 5 Star Spangled Mason Jar Shot Glasses WITH LIDS perfect drinking, crafts, planters, are more!
* Adorable mini mason jars each hold 2oz of your favorite beverage! Regular mouth (not wide mouth) design
* Premium Grade Glass, dishwasher safe! Great for gifts, hoe downs or parties!
* The perfect set to go along with your Mason Jar Shaker, Tumbler, Cups, Mugs, Napkin Holders, Mason Jar Lights, Jug, or Mason Ball Jars.
* 100% Crack Free Guaranteed! If any of the jars show up cracked, just let us know and we’ll get a replacement in the mail ASAP free of charge. We PROMISE you’ll love each Mason Jar Shot Glass!

Fun! See? Drink out of them!  No pudding or cake-filled Mason jars in sight! All is well in Pattiland!

Product Description:

-PERFECT SHOT – Why go shot-for-shot with a wide mouth mason jar shot glass? Well, why not?
-HILLBILLY – Bring out the inner hillbilly! Never shoot with a red solo cup shot again. You deserve better, dear cowboy boot-wearin’ compadre.
-WHISKEY OR SHINE – This 5-pack of mason jar shot glasses is not an addition for your mamby-pamby cocktail shaker and ice frozen fruity drinks. Only warm shine and bourbon will do.

Never have shot glasses when you need them? Nothing’s worse than throwin’ back White Lightning in a jello shot cup!
-Size Does Matter – Don’t drink your whiskey in half pint-sized beer glasses. That just aint right, ya’ll.
-Way To Busy – Shot glasses are just too darn complicated these days. Don’t shoot with these ridiculously decorated shot glasses! Pink glittery skull on the front? Too much. Plain ol’ mason jar? This is ideal.
-Don’t Have Shot Glasses? – How do you not have shot glasses?! Drinking from prescription pill bottles and Dixie cups just makes you look unprepared!

Introducing the ideal choice…
-Best For Bourbon – Only drink your whiskey from a shot glass.
-Best For Shine – Only drink your shine from a mason jar.
-Perfect – Problem solved. You don’t need lids for these mason jars. They won’t be full long enough.

Money Back Guarantee
Don’t like our mason jar shot glasses? If you find you’re not much of a hillbilly drinker, then you get your money back. …’nuff said.

Sure, Christmas is right around the corner, but so is New Year’s, or your birthday, or a job promotion, or maybe you’re glad to make it through one more day. These.


Happy Shopping, y’all!




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Kat Curling

Wednesday 16th of December 2015

I love this!!! I think all the best drinks come from a mason jar.

Patti Tucker

Wednesday 16th of December 2015

Thanks, Kat!

Ginger Marie

Wednesday 16th of December 2015

I just adore these! Mason jars are ALWAYS in style!

Patti Tucker

Wednesday 16th of December 2015

Forever and ever, amen!

Jaelan @ Making Mrs. M

Wednesday 16th of December 2015

That mason jar shaker is adorable! What a great way to add some southern flare to your nightly night cap?!

Patti Tucker

Wednesday 16th of December 2015

I love that shaker! Ever'body drank!