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…Then It Dawned On Me

You guys know I love me a restaurant supply store for my kitchen supplies, right?  I also love finding offbeat uses for stuff I find there.  FUN!

I also am a frequent shopper at Costco and Sam’s.  Shopping at these establishments has saved us untold green backs over the years, but has also presented interesting storage dilemmas.  Buying in bulk means oversized packaging.

Recently my two loves collided.

Costco had a sale on Dawn liquid dishwashing soap.  Green Apple is my absolute fav.  Of course, the bottle is ginormous and nobody wants to keep picking up and putting down that monstrosity.

...Then It Dawned On Me

What to do?  What to do?

I searched through my kitchen paraphernalia in hopes of finding a lightweight, yet functional alternative to the wrist-busting bottle.

Luckily for me, I had recently been to the restaurant supply store.

I filled a clear squeeze bottle with Dawn and BAMMO! problem solved.

...Then It Dawned On Me

Truthfully, this was simply meant as a temporary fix until I could find something a bit more suitable, but as we used the squeeze bottle we found that we. loved. the. squeeze. bottle.

It was incredibly lightweight, the tiny opening allowed us to easily regulate how much soap we were using (Dawn in concentrated, so a dab will do ya) and it was FUN!

Here’s the size difference:

...Then It Dawned On Me

Big difference.

Two things I learned from this pic.

#1) I need to clean that spot off the tile (I think it’s spaghetti sauce) behind the Dawn.

#2) It may be a few years before I have to replace my dishwashing liquid, because we’ve been using that squeeze bottle for about three weeks and that’s all we’ve managed to use, plus there’s another ginormous bottle under the sink.

Two huge bottles?!  It was a good sale.

Back to the squeezebottles: wanna know just how amazing they are?

I switched my face cleansing concoction to one and put it in the shower.

...Then It Dawned On Me


The small opening is perfect for both applications and allows negligible evaporation.  There are caps available for these bottles, but I find them tedious.


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Don’t have a restaurant store near you?  You can order your own inexpensive bottles by clicking THIS LINK.

What’s your offbeat use for something?  Tell us!


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Tuesday 3rd of February 2015

What a neat idea! I love finding new uses for things! Thanks for sharing!

Patti Tucker

Tuesday 3rd of February 2015

Thanks for coming by, Kim.

Joy @ Yesterfood

Friday 30th of January 2015

Yay for giant size dish soap and squeezy bottles! I looooove having "enough" of something....which usually means way more than I could use in a year. I was raised by children of the Depression, so we all hoard and ration out things! :D My sweet Daddy gets kind of panicky if he runs out of something...anything...and I can hear him mutter to himself, "I bet I have some _____ tomorrow!" And then, sure enough, tomorrow comes with a boat load of hand soap or toilet paper or sen-sen or whatever it was. ;) The other day, I found that I was down to my last cereal bowl, and IT was dirty and, sure enough, here came The Declaration: "I bet I have some cereal bowls tomorrow!" Goodwill has NO cereal bowls left. Don't even go look.

Patti Tucker

Friday 30th of January 2015

LOL! I grew up in a family of five siblings and there was always some want, so I get your dad's (and you) hoarding instincts. Nothing wrong with that, right? RIGHT?! Thanks for the laugh.

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