10 Reasons Homemade Hot Chocolate is Good For You. Bonus Deliciousness Included.

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Ooooo, OMT! loves her some delicious homemade hot chocolate!  I bet you do too.

10 Reasons Homemade Hot Chocolate is Good For You.

I’m talking the kind that you heat on the stove and uses milk, vanilla, a teeny bit of sugar, and pure unsweetened cocoa powder.

Oh, yeah.  I see you nodding in agreement.

Yet, while you like it, or love it, do you also think it’s more of a treat than a healthy alternative to other things you may be drinking?

You do?  Let’s see if I can’t change your mind.

Ten Reasons Homemade Hot Chocolate is Good For You

10: It’s got a punch of fiber.  One tbsp has 1.8 grams of fiber!

When I make my hot cocoa, I typically use two tbsps., so 3.4 grams in my cup deliciousness!

9: Flavonoids.  What what?!  Flavonoids are mind-blowing compounds and cocoa has two amazing flavonoids: epicatechin and catechin.

The first one, epicatechin, relaxes blood vessels and lowers blood pressure.

The second, catechin, acts as an antioxidant and reduces inflammation in the body.

It’s the reason your doc tells you to eat dark chocolate, except that unsweetened cocoa powder has over twice the flavonoids per milligrams as dark chocolate.

8: A cup of hot chocolate improves brain function.  Remember our friend, epicatechin, from #9?  Turns out it improves various aspects of cognition in animals and humans.

7: Elevates your mood.  It’s a long known fact that chocolate lifts your spirits and makes us happy.

6: Lowers the risk for certain diseases.  It just keeps getting better, doesn’t it!

Studies have shown that cocoa powder can lower the risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease and decrease the risk of stroke.

5: Possibly improves kidney function.  Know anyone with diabetes?  Or reduced kidney function?

A study was done that suggests for the first time an increase of renal medullary oxygenation after intake of dark chocolate. Further studies are being conducted, but this is HUGE people

4: Satiates your desire for a sweet snack. Eh, you say.  Why would this be important?

Well, what if you’re on a restricted diet and you neeeeed something sweet?

Having hot chocolate instead of a piece of cake, may be enough to stave off a candy bar binge.

Not to mention gaining all the benefits mentioned above.

3: Unsweetened cocoa power is low in calories.  1 tbsp. = 10 calories.

2: Hot chocolate health’s benefits are better than red wine or tea.  This is great news if you’re like me and find most red wines bitter.

No?  You like red wine?

Cocoa still beats it. Cornell University researchers found that the powerful antioxidants in hot chocolate was almost twice that of red wine, two to three times stronger than green tea and four to five times stronger than black tea.

1: Whipped cream.  Do I need to elaborate?

OMT's Hot Chocolate


  • 2 cups milk
  • 2 tbsp. unsweetened cocoa
  • 2-4 tsp. sugar - to taste
  • 1 tsp. vanilla - optional
  • Whipped cream - optional.


  1. In a sauce pan over medium heat, whisk together milk, cocoa, and sugar to taste.
  2. Heat through, while continuing to stir or whisk to prevent scorching.
  3. Turn off heat and stir in vanilla.
  4. Pour into cup.
  5. Top with whipped cream.

BONUS DELICIOUSNESS: Some of you may be thinking, because of diet or time, that you can’t imagine drinking homemade hot chocolate every day (I’m in your camp!).

This is how I incorporate cocoa’s amazing nutrients into my diet: I add a tablespoon to my morning cup o’joe.  (1 tablespoon to 2 measured cups of coffee):

10 Reasons Homemade Hot Chocolate is Good For You.

As you can see, I add my sugar and cocoa to the cup first, then I pour in a small amount of coffee and either stir well or whisk to meld the two, then fill as usual.

It is a delicious mocha dream.

That it’s good for me, AND YOU!, is a rare grown-up bonus!

Now get to enjoying without the guilt!

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  1. The whipped cream looks awesome. Nice touch!

  2. I cannot wait to try this recipe. I love hot chocolate, but will rarely by store-bought kind since it has so many extra ingredients. Thanks for sharing!

  3. One. That hot chocolate sounds AMAZING! and Two. I love, love that mug! Where is it from!?

    • The mug is an old find. Made in Italy. The hot chocolate, on the other hand, is easy to find! Made in your house!

  4. My kids will love you for this post 😉 I think that I’ll surprise them with a cup of hot cocoa when they get home from school today. Have you ever tried coconut sugar? (It’s actually made from the sap of the tree rather than the “nut”) Anyways, it’s lower on the glycemic index than cane sugar and actually has some nutritional benefits… add that into the mix and now you can really justify the treat!!

  5. I looooove hot chocolate! It’s one of my favorite drinks! That you for justifying it for me:)

  6. No convincing needed here!!! Here from the Grand Social and putting this on my shopping list. BB2U

  7. I love hot chocolate! We set up a hot chocolate bar every winter to enjoy throughout the cold months (lovelogicandlaughter.com/2013/12/hot-chocolate-bar-2013.html ). Now that I know how good it is for me, I will drink it and not feel guilty. We have a Nespresso coffee maker. Tomorrow morning I will be putting some cocoa powder into the bottom of my cup before pushing the button to fill it with coffee…yum!

    • The not feeling guilty part was the best part of my research. I love hot chocolate, but always looked at it as a treat and not something that was necessarily good for me. Not any more!

  8. Great post! My mom lived to be 99 and drank coco powder in her milk every day. She ate lots of chocolate the last decade. I always said it would be death by chocolate. 😉 Lost my mom this past November. She lived a long, happy life, and her life certainly included lots of chocolate. Thanks for sharing this post.

  9. Oh I love some good hot chocolate. Sounds so good. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  10. One word: Mmmm!

  11. You had me at improved brain function. I’m there. It’s snowing right now anyway…time for hot chocolate!

    • BAM! Isn’t this one of the most surprising things you’ve read?! As I researched, and things just kept getting better, my giddy meter pegged. Something we love is good for us?! YES!

  12. I think I need to make myself a cup of hot cocoa… Just a moment… Thank you for this wonderful post 🙂

  13. This confirms my daily hot chocolate every morning. I don’t like coffee, but hot chocolate, yes!

  14. If you love hot chocolate this much, you should get yourself a hot chocolate maker; it’s one of my favorite things ever!

  15. Stopping by from Family Fun Friday. You are a kick! Love it!!!

    • So glad you came by…please come back soon. (tomorrow I talk about how my poor mother tried to turn me into a lady….fun!)

  16. YUM! I’m going to try this tonight 🙂 Thank you for sharing this recipe!

  17. Apart from the sugar this would work quite well with the Low Carb healthy Fat eating plan I am on. I might look into the coconut sugar option that one of the comments suggested. Thanks for the recipe!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  18. Hmmmm sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing at Sweet and Savoury Sundays, I’d love you to stop by this weekend and link up!

  19. My mom used to always make home made hot chocolate. I used to try and could never get it right. I’ll pin this and go buy some Hershey Cocoa and give it another shot.


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