How to Be on the Soaping Edge

I know you know this, by OMT! loves new finds. More than that, I love sharing my finds with you! On a visit to Boy, Girl and Sweet E, I noticed they were using a hand soap I’d never heard about or seen before. BACKSTORY: OMT! is an allergic gal and some hand soap scents […]

How To Sleep Like The Angels

I’m going to ask a favor. Don’t let the quality of the following Amazon stock photo scare you away. These pillows make me so happy to climb into bed every night – and I want you to hear (read) me out. ~ A gentle reminder: OMT! uses Amazon referral links. When you do your shopping […]

The Wilderness is Scary – Pack Survival Cards

Boy and Girl (my lovely DIL) take a trip without Sweet E every year. This year and last, it was into the wilderness. The wilderness is scary (is so!) – so I packed them survival cards. Did it make me feel any better? Not really. But they looked fun – and I’m all about zee […]

What Do You Do With Yours?

In 2016, I was hoping Santa would bring me a Vitamix. He didn’t, so I patiently waited. And endlessly jibber-jabbered about how I would make ALL THE SMOOTHIES. I decided to stop waiting on Santa and take the plunge. I HAVE ONE NOW! I’m part of that club: Vitamixers. When I come across a club […]

How To Add a Jet to Your Bed (you read that right)

THIS IS NOT A TEST: PLEASE STAND BY FOR V-I-I… (nope – not the number seven: Very-Important-Information) OMTers, are you a hot sleeper? Is the lump in bed next to you a hot sleeper? Do you suffer from the crank-producing, sleep-stealin’, peri/menopause night sweats? THIS POST IS FOR YOU! I may for have the solution […]

How To Water Your Lawn With Added Fun

Y’all. Summer is hot…am I right? If you live in Texas, or any other climate that rarely takes a break from sunny days and little rain, you’re gonna need to water your lawn. So. Much. Watering. I do not have an in-ground system. Nope, I’m as old-fashioned as you can get (in this matter!). As […]

I Found The Perfect Jar for Gift-Giving

If you’re new here, you should know something about me: I LOATHE – HATE – DESPISE the use of Mason jars for anything cutesy. They’re for food – for storing food! The beauty of a well-filled Mason/Ball jar fills me with joy. Especially the squatty ones that I use for gift-giving my homemade Apple Butter. […]

How to Keep The Kids Happy

Sweet E has come and gone from 2018 Camp Choochie and G-Daddy, but the craftiness remains – as in we kept him happy with crafts (oh my!). Y’all know I am the least crafty gal you’ll come across, so don’t roll your eyes – yet. My friend, Jamie (YES, SHE IS!), sent me her book […]

How is it For Spraying Your Spouse?

Say again? How is it for spraying your spouse? P-E-R-F-E-C-T! That’s the question (and my answer) Boy asked when I told him we bought the best nozzles we’ve ever used. ~ A gentle reminder: OMT! uses Amazon referral links. When you do your shopping through the Amazon links on this page, you support the blog […]

How to Prevent Stolen Garden Produce

Gardeners, where you at? Does this sound familiar: You plan, then plant the perfect garden. You lovingly water and weed around your tender babies and cheer them on to maturity. You watch impatiently as the produce gets thisclose to harvest; you can taste the homegrown goodness. Picking day arrives, only for you to discover half-eaten […]