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Elephant Cake on a cookie sheet

Elephant Cake Tutorial

After Boy was born, my sweet M-I-L ceremoniously handed me a folded and well-worn page torn from a women’s magazine.  When I unfolded it, there was an image of a child’s birthday cake in the shape of an elephant.  She told me that she had made the elephant cake for Husband almost from the time …

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Work Pajamas

Most people who work are required to wear real clothes, i.e. clothes that aren’t considered pajamas. NOT ME! Most days you can find me wearing what Husband refers to as my “work pajamas,” not to be confused with my nighttime pajamas.  The key here is that I wear very comfortable clothes during the work day, …

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Parenting Do-Over

If you were allowed one parenting do-over, what would you use it on? Or shall we never speak of that which shames us? ~gulp~ Parents make mistakes.  Truth.  Parents can make mistakes daily.  Hard truth.  Parents are learning as they go.  Worst-kept parenting secret ever. So, what would be my parenting do-over? Let me start …

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Gingerbread Men

Christmas Cravings in June

I love Christmas foods.  Fine, I love food…but there’s something special about the food you only eat during a specific season, like at Christmas. It’s during late June and early July that I start my Christmas cravings.  And just in case you don’t want to do the math, that means that I need to wait …

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lady standing holding baby

Nature or Nurture?

What makes us, us? Is it mostly genetics? I largely swing to the DNA side of the aisle because even when I’m trying as hard as I can not to, I hear The German and see The German in my idiosyncrasies.  Her “Oh my Got, Patti!” rings through the air.  I can’t escape it, people. …

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sleeping baby

Fill Me Up, Baby

It’s been a month, 4 weeks and one day, of growing into my new role as Grandmutter (?), Grannna (?), Geema (?), and I want to share some unexpected truths I’ve learned.  Nothing but the best for you, my sweet readers. Let’s bullet point this truth-down, shall we? * I love my family deeply.  This …

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Going to the Dogs

…or as we say here in Texas, going to the dawgs. My family is big on dogs.  Big, hairy, messy dogs.  Husband and I have had them our entire married life, with only a sad two-year period when we were dogless, yet Boy’s crusty cantankerous 18-year-old, then 19-year-old, cat remained. We started our married life …

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