What I’ll Tell Sweet E: You Determine Your Way

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Dear Sweet E, I’ve left you with so much advice in this last year.  So many words about the things I know to be true.

Maybe some of my wisdom won’t be what you need or remotely apply to the where you’re headed.  Maybe you’ll humor your granny and tell me that it was a nice thought, but instead of this, you’ll do that.

Sweet little man, that’s exactly what you’re supposed to do: Go the way of your heart; you determine your way.

Never let anyone tell you different.

What I'll Tell Sweet E

I chose a way my mother, to this very day, can’t understand.  G-Daddy flummoxed your great-grandparents daily.  Your daddy chose his own way many times against our advice.  Your momma?  She did the same.  Matter of fact, you come from a long line of very determined, go-your-own-way, strong-minded souls.  It’s only right you do the same.

Don’t worry.  When the time comes that you’re off to determine your road, I’ll be there for your parents, assuring them that they raised you right and that you’re smart and capable and they should embrace the moments when you make them nervous.  I’ll do that because I know you come from sturdy mindful stock; you come from all of us.  You’re gonna be fine.

This may be the shortest What I’ll Tell you, but it’s as full of love as each of the ones that preceded.

I can’t wait to see each step you’ll take, each barrier you’ll overcome, each way you’ll determine to go.

We’ll all be here, right behind you, marveling that even if we aren’t physically with you, you take a piece of each of us with you.

You determine your way, my sweetest E.  You alone decide the places you’ll go (Oh, Dr. Seuss!).

As for G-Daddy and me, we determined long ago to love you as you go, no matter where you go.

Go get ’em, baby.





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  1. You are such a fantastic writer. I just love this

  2. Kat Curling says

    I love your writing style! This is such a sweet post. My son is 5 and I can only hope that he follows his heart and has many many adventures in his life. Even though he is young, I forget the bigger picture and try to shape his decisions for him and I really just need to step back and let him explore his world (safely of course).

    • Mrs. Tucker says

      Thank you. Sweet E is a mere year old and growing so fast. I figured I better get these *What I’ll Tell* down before he’s grown!

  3. Rocio Chavez says

    great advice – children come into the world free and open to everything – sometimes for them to shine their brightest, we just have to get out of their way and let them go their own way. 😉

  4. Oh how I love this!! Great advice.

  5. You have such a way with words, Patti! I love this! Sweet E is a lucky kiddo to have you for a granny!

  6. Debi @MomOnMars says

    There are no truer words!

  7. Off subject:: The strawberry smoothie was like WOW!!!

  8. Oh, it is so hard to let go. Our daughter is still a teenager and with a boy we deeply disapprove of. Yet she feels that it will be ok and this is what she wants. It hurts to just let them go and find their way. I hope she comes around and makes better choices.

  9. alvina castro says

    this is just the sweetest message! How sweet for little E

  10. What a sweet way to record your thoughts and keep a record. I have so many things I want my sweet little ones to know. I better start writing them down.

  11. This is so sweet! I love it!


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