Perimenopause Can Suck It #11: Breast Cancer and Heart Disease Risks

Perimenopauce Can Suck It

Dang it.  Just when we’re almost ready to say ADIOS, AUNT FLO! we encounter an entirely new, sometimes foreboding landscape facing our health. Ladies, let’s pay attention to our changing health needs as we march forward (like the fierce warriors we have grown to be) on this sometimes perilous road in our journey. Breast Cancer […]

Your Top 10 Posts 2014

Your Top 10 Posts 2014

Each year, I like to do a recap of all the posts you LOVED here at OMT!  It’s fun for me to see what resonates with you (so. much. food!) and to take a look back over the year. Hope you guys enjoy it too. Your Top 10 Posts 2014! #10: Trick or Treat This […]

What I’ll Tell Sweet E: How to Overcome Rejection

Overcoming Rejection

Dear Sweet E, my very first post to you was What I Will Tell Sweet E: Dig Yourself.  Today’s post about overcoming rejection ties into the notion of digging yourself by knowing who you are and what you want from this life. Rejection stings, my sweet boy; you’ll never get used to it when it […]

Squeezed Meyer Lemon Lurv

How To Preserve Lemon Juice

Have you ever had a Meyer lemon?  It’s not an exaggeration to tell you that the first time I tasted one, I had to look twice to make sure I was actually tasting a lemon.  It was on the sweet end and didn’t leave me with a squinched lemon face; it was a wonder, I […]

Top 10 Things I’m Thankful For This Year

Top 10 Things I'm Thankful For

Y’all know I’m a thankful kinda gal and ain’t afraid to show/tell it.  It’s that time of year again when I make me a listy-loo of the thangs I’m most thankful for this year.  You can read last year’s list HERE. To the list! #1: As you read this post, Garry and I are a’quiver […]

PSA of the Day: Infant CPR & Choking Refresher

PSA of the Day: Infant CPR and Choking Refresher

The holidays are upon us and that may mean you’ll be entertaining family, maybe family with babies. What a great time for an infant CPR and choking primer! Y’all know I love a PSA.  Check it HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. Years ago, I worked in a hospital and we had to take CPR classes […]

Optimist or Just Plain Naive?

Optimist or Just Plain Naive?

I’m an optimist.  Things are gonna work out, baby. < See?  Optimism. My father used to tell me that I was the most naive person he knew.  That life wasn’t all sunshine and blue birds, Sunshine. I’d kiss his cheek, tell him I loved him and that it wasn’t naivety that he was witnessing, it […]

foodgawker: Is It Still Worth The Effort?

foodgawker: Is it Worth the Effort?

My adventure in submitting to foodgawker (they don’t capitalize their name for all who just started twitching) began May 30th, 2013.  After more rejection than acceptance, I began to wonder if having my photographs featured on their site was still worth my failing efforts. The Photographs (note: all of the following photos have text, but […]

Child Car Passenger Safety for Parents and Grandparents

Keeping our kids safe.

The last child safety post I did was about the perils of hot cars and how you can easily break a car window to reach a child in danger: Hot Cars Can Kill Kids Today’s post deals with the safety practices of kiddos as passengers. In 2011, The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) updated their […]

Ask OMT! #2 Should Grandparents Speak Up?

Oh, Mrs. Tucker!

You liked it, you really liked it…the inaugural ASK OMT!, that is! Onward to the second in the series. Here’s what I promise: * I’ll answer as honestly as I can. * I won’t sugarcoat or bs my way through the answers. * I’ll offer this caveat: Once some things are seen, they can’t be […]