Ask OMT! #3: Do Grandparents Get Jealous of the Other Grandparents?

Oh, Mrs. Tucker!

Do Grandparents Get Jealous of the Other Grandparents? Well, that’s some question, isn’t it.  To tell you the truth, it makes me a little uncomfortable, simply because the short answer is yes.  YES!  YES, WE DO! Let’s delve deeper, shall we? The question, from a loving grandmama, who is happy to share, yet found herself […]

Essential Blogger: 10 Easy Steps To Grow Your Site

Blogging Essentials: 10 Easy Ways to Grow Your Site

From time to time, I get questions about blogging or site production, as in how to grow a site or blog. Today, I’ll give you a peek behind the velvet ropes (snort) and give you OMT’s! method o’madness. Lots of bloggers blog with the thought that their site is a place to keep family and […]

Kickin’ The Bucket List

Want to know my biggest regret?

My confession: I don’t have a Bucket List. My confession expanded: I don’t see the need for a Bucket List. My confession to its conclusion: Bucket Lists seem constricting to my sensibilities. Yes, I know!  Having a spread sheet in Excel of ALL THE THINGS for a Bucket List is very chic, very hip. Meh. […]

My Top 10 Picks for 2014

My Top 10 Posts for 2014

Last month I did a run-through of your Top 10 Posts for 2014; this month I’m highlighting my favorite posts for 2014. There were so many to choose from that I honestly had trouble picking.  But, pick I did. My Top 10 Posts for 2014! #10: Hey!  Are You Trying to Get Sued?! #9: Texas […]

Blessing of Love

Merry Christmas!

As is my habit on Christmas Eve, I’m leaving you with a blessing of love.  May the season’s grace and warmth of giving extend beyond these few days and bring you peace. Merry Christmas, my dear friends. How I Love This Time by Justin Hines     OMT! Recommends: What I Will Tell Sweet E: […]

Perimenopause Can Suck It #11: Breast Cancer and Heart Disease Risks

Perimenopauce Can Suck It

Dang it.  Just when we’re almost ready to say ADIOS, AUNT FLO! we encounter an entirely new, sometimes foreboding landscape facing our health. Ladies, let’s pay attention to our changing health needs as we march forward (like the fierce warriors we have grown to be) on this sometimes perilous road in our journey. Breast Cancer […]

Your Top 10 Posts 2014

Your Top 10 Posts 2014

Each year, I like to do a recap of all the posts you LOVED here at OMT!  It’s fun for me to see what resonates with you (so. much. food!) and to take a look back over the year. Hope you guys enjoy it too. Your Top 10 Posts 2014! #10: Trick or Treat This […]

What I’ll Tell Sweet E: How to Overcome Rejection

Overcoming Rejection

Dear Sweet E, my very first post to you was What I Will Tell Sweet E: Dig Yourself.  Today’s post about overcoming rejection ties into the notion of digging yourself by knowing who you are and what you want from this life. Rejection stings, my sweet boy; you’ll never get used to it when it […]

Squeezed Meyer Lemon Lurv

How To Preserve Lemon Juice

Have you ever had a Meyer lemon?  It’s not an exaggeration to tell you that the first time I tasted one, I had to look twice to make sure I was actually tasting a lemon.  It was on the sweet end and didn’t leave me with a squinched lemon face; it was a wonder, I […]

Top 10 Things I’m Thankful For This Year

Top 10 Things I'm Thankful For

Y’all know I’m a thankful kinda gal and ain’t afraid to show/tell it.  It’s that time of year again when I make me a listy-loo of the thangs I’m most thankful for this year.  You can read last year’s list HERE. To the list! #1: As you read this post, Garry and I are a’quiver […]