Shoot I Do 101


By now you’ve heard the news: I bought a fancy-pants camera and I need to learn how to use it, outside of auto mode.  FREAK OUT!  No really.  That’s what happens in my head on a regular basis these days.  I can’t count how many deep breathes I’ve taken in the last few weeks. Each […]

10 Steps to Recover From a Beat Down

10 Steps to Recover From a Beat Down

Beat downs (to harass or crush one’s spirit) come in many forms. I’ve suffered more than I can count in my life and I have some advice I’d like to offer about how to recover from one that seems insurmountable.  Nope, I’m not talking about our recent foray into the world of buying a car […]

Change Can Be Hard

Change Can Be Hard

Have you guys ever produced a website that posts new content 4 times a week?  You have?!  Do you have an assistant?  You don’t?! Yeah, me neither… To date, I have written 386 posts for this site since its inception 14 months ago (I’m including posts that are to-be-published in that number).  WHAT?! Which brings […]

What I’ll Tell Sweet E: Just Show Up

just show up

While this is definitely a post for Sweet E, it’s also a post for all of us, because sometimes we can use the reminder. March is here.  Did you notice?  The first day of spring is thisclose. I even have photographic proof: All of this means that it’s been a couple of months since we […]

Gift-Giving: Make or Buy?


A little over two months has passed since Christmas and I’ve had some time to think about gift-giving. I’ve been wondering what’s better: make or buy?  Which is preferred by others: make or buy?  Does it matter?  Do people care? Each year, we exchange Christmas gifts with a few friends.  At first, in the early […]

Act Like a Lady

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I was raised by a mother who insisted I be a lady. Or at least try and act like one. My mother was a transplanted German living in a foreign land, in a small West Texas town, trying to raise her daughters with some semblance of decorum. Bless her heart, she tried so hard. The […]

Why Grandma (Choochie*) Runs


On this day of unbridled amore, I offer my lifelong love affair with running… As a runner who’s been running longer than most of you have been alive, I frequently get asked why I run.  Grandma runs, y’all.  (* or Choochie, as I’m called of late…is this the name that’s gonna stick?!) Folks who know […]



Dear Sweet E, One year?  One year?!  ONE YEAR! Our sweet little puddin’ pie (that’s you!) is 1-year-old today! I’m stunned how fast this year has passed.  You’d think as a mom I’d know how quickly time would fly, but I’ll tell you something: you forget about these things when your kiddos reach a certain […]

Oh, Boy!

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Boy. He’s one of my favorite things.  Spoken like a doting mom, right? When Boy first entered our lives, I was nervous about being a good mom.  I find it interesting that when Girl entered our lives that I was nervous about being a good MIL.  When Sweet E entered?  Oh, man…the nerves. But, as […]

Listen To Your Critics

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To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.  ~ Aristotle Guess he told us. We all know that constructive criticism can empower, just as destructive criticism can crush.  I’m speaking to the second of these. When you’re entrenched in what you’re creating, or trying like hell to create, inevitably critics will come along and […]