PSA of the Day: Winter Coats and Car Seat Safety For Your Children

PSA of the Day: Winter Coats and Car Seat Safety For Your Children

We have covered hot car safety, child passenger safety, car seat stickers and today, we’re going to cover winter coats, or bulky outerwear, and car seat safety. Getting our safety on!  OMT likey! A parent’s natural inclination when taking a baby or small kiddo outside in the winter, is to have them bundled up against […]

Top 10 Health Benefits (Plus Two) of Homemade Hot Chocolate

Health Benefits of Homemade Hot Chocolate

About a year ago I wrote about the health benefits of homemade hot chocolate.  Since it’s that time of year where we’re generally freezing our fingers and toes and sanity off, I thought it would be good to revisit the healthy goodness that is homemade hot chocolate. It’s nice to know something we love loves […]

PSA of the Day: Car Seat Safety Stickers

PSA of the Day: Car Seat Safety Sticker

Car seat safety is near and dear to my heart, for all the obvious reasons of being a mom and grandmama, but also to shed a bit of light in a sometimes confusing world of the newest/latest safety recommendations for itty-bitties. Today, let’s talk about emergency safety stickers on car seats. These stickers, filled in […]

What I’ll Tell Sweet E: Honesty Comes With a Cost

Honesty Comes With a Cost

Dear Sweet E, you’re still such a small whippersnapper that I have no idea if you’ve inherited my proclivity for plain talk.  This post will serve you well, if you have. “You’re one of the most honest people I know.” That statement, made by others about me, to me, is a familiar refrain.  The first […]

Perimenopause Can Suck It #12: Is This The New Me?

Perimenopause Can Suck It #12

THIS: CAVEAT UNO: The following post will contain unladylike words, as The German would say.  This will serve as your only warning.  On the upside, perhaps a new drinking game is afoot with every “Bitch!” I utter. Perimenopause (#s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11) is a bitch (drink!).  […]

Ask OMT! #3: Do Grandparents Get Jealous of the Other Grandparents?

Oh, Mrs. Tucker!

Do Grandparents Get Jealous of the Other Grandparents? Well, that’s some question, isn’t it.  To tell you the truth, it makes me a little uncomfortable, simply because the short answer is yes.  YES!  YES, WE DO! Let’s delve deeper, shall we? The question, from a loving grandmama, who is happy to share, yet found herself […]

Essential Blogger: 10 Easy Steps To Grow Your Site

Blogging Essentials: 10 Easy Ways to Grow Your Site

From time to time, I get questions about blogging or site production, as in how to grow a site or blog. Today, I’ll give you a peek behind the velvet ropes (snort) and give you OMT’s! method o’madness. Lots of bloggers blog with the thought that their site is a place to keep family and […]

Kickin’ The Bucket List

Want to know my biggest regret?

My confession: I don’t have a Bucket List. My confession expanded: I don’t see the need for a Bucket List. My confession to its conclusion: Bucket Lists seem constricting to my sensibilities. Yes, I know!  Having a spread sheet in Excel of ALL THE THINGS for a Bucket List is very chic, very hip. Meh. […]

My Top 10 Picks for 2014

My Top 10 Posts for 2014

Last month I did a run-through of your Top 10 Posts for 2014; this month I’m highlighting my favorite posts for 2014. There were so many to choose from that I honestly had trouble picking.  But, pick I did. My Top 10 Posts for 2014! #10: Hey!  Are You Trying to Get Sued?! #9: Texas […]

Blessing of Love

Merry Christmas!

As is my habit on Christmas Eve, I’m leaving you with a blessing of love.  May the season’s grace and warmth of giving extend beyond these few days and bring you peace. Merry Christmas, my dear friends. How I Love This Time by Justin Hines     OMT! Recommends: What I Will Tell Sweet E: […]