Happy New Year, My Sweet Babies!

New Year’s Eve is here and the possibility of what is ahead fills us with wonder. I can’t let this day go by without thanking you. You guys are my extended family and I love you. You spend your precious time here with me and play along with my shenanigans and in return I hope […]

Merry Christmas!

On this Holy Christmas Day, I offer you an Irish blessing: God grant you lightness in your step, a smile on every face you meet, Loved ones gathered at your hearth, and at your door, good friends to greet A holy hymn upon your lips, a window candle burning bright, And may the Good Lord […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh, Mrs. Tucker! wishes you and yours a delightful and filling Thanksgiving with family and friends. ~gobble gobble~ Let’s eat!   OMT! Recommends: Happy New Year, My Sweet Babies!

What I’ll Tell Sweet E: Learn How to Drive a Stick

Dear Sweet E, You gotta learn how to drive a stick, sweet boy. #1: Sticks, or standards, are the most fun vehicles to tool around in. Ask anyone who has ever driven one. #2: Learning how to drive a stick is a great metaphor for life. You haven’t properly lived until you’ve learned to drive […]

Never Forget: Caretakers Take on a Unique Challenge

Caretakers, God bless them. They show up. They work. They handle the hard stuff like nobody’s business. They repeat the process until they are no longer needed. I am grateful for the caretakers that have graced my life, yet so often they are overlooked. My rallying cry: REMEMBER THE CARETAKERS!* (*kinda like the Alamo) While […]

A Somber Reminder to Never Forget

Tuesday, September 11, 2001 In the wake of all that has happened to the collective us in the last month, there is so much we’ll never be able to forget. To those who fight the good fight, to those who step up when times are unimaginable, to those who love in the face of terror, […]

The Best Advice You’ll Ever Get

Sweet E is four, y’all…4 1/2-years-old! Time continues to whip past, no matter how I wish it would slow its jets. As the saying goes: The days are slow, but the years are fast. I was reading though some of the older Sweet E posts and I came across this one. It stands the test […]

What Do You Eat When You’re Trying To Survive Chemo?

It has been a little bit over two years since my breast cancer diagnosis and there are two things I think of regularly: #1: I am grateful to be alive. #2: It took a lot of effort to eat while going through chemo. This post was written in the throes of that terrible time. It […]

Feeling Invisible is Awful. Learn How to Be Seen.

Did the headline make you squinch in recognition? Did it tick you off a little? Did you know that if you are feeling invisible there’s something you can do about it? I’m here to help you find your way to visibility. As I like to describe to folks (as a way to explain my boldness), […]

What I’ll Tell Sweet E: Life Can Come At You Hard, So Remember The Good

Dearest Sweet E, This life is full of wonder and awe – it contains the best of what we experience – but this life can also come at you hard, stealing joy and hope, if you let it. Don’t let it, baby. So many in this world think they’re the only one with a suffering […]