10 Rules Upon My Death

10 Rules Upon My Death

I met a fellow writer, Jill, for coffee and the talk turned to how I handled my diagnosis with humor. I laughed because it’s pretty much how I handle everything; it’s in my DNA, y’all. As we yapped about all things cancer, the discussion turned to wishes upon death (listen, when you face a serious […]

Is Happiness Necessary?

Is Happiness Necessary?

BE HAPPY, DADGUM IT! (but if you can’t: EAT THIS) Um, stop telling me what to do, Yahoo/facebook/Twitter/Drudge links. Anyone one else suddenly feel as if happiness is the new panacea for what ails us? If I had to pigeonhole myself, I’d say I was an optimistic realist. Huh? What does that even mean? Realist: […]

Having *the* Talk. No, Not That One…the Death One

Do You Have A Death Wish?

The birds and bees talk is always fun, ain’t it? But that’s not the talk I meant. The one I’m alluding to is the talk about dying, and what your wishes might be if, you know, you go first…or second…or last, even. Being diagnosed with cancer makes a person think about such things. Do You […]

Um, Yeah…That’s What We Did (not even close)

The truth of baby photo-shoots

Taking dem cutesy baby pics of your kiddos and grandkiddos can be a frustrating experience, no?  YES! While this may be one of my shortest posts to date, it will be one that helps you learn some mad baby-taking photo skilz, yo. (Yes, I am aware I am the biggest doof when I write this […]

Don’t Be Afraid of Offering the Small

Offer What You Have

I’m writing these words in early summer, June exactly, about 2/3rds of the way through my treatment plan. As of this morning, I have 5 weeks and 2 days until my last chemo treatment, which normally would be a blip on my summer calendar, but today seems like a long, hot, lonely West Texas stretch […]

Stats Mean Something, Just Not Everything

Stats Mean Something, Just Not Everything

I haven’t read a post about breast cancer that has resonated with me like this one: How statistics guided me through life, death and ‘The Price Is Right’.  It’s funny and is filled with truth of what a breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent myriad of decision making looks like. Based on pure stats, I should […]

What Does A Breast Cancer Diagnosis Mean?

What Does it Mean?

You may have received a diagnosis for breast cancer, or maybe you know someone who has received a diagnosis. What does that mean, exactly? Are there any similar threads that run through a breast cancer diagnosis? Some, but each breast cancer is unique to the person, as is each specific treatment protocol. Breast cancer is […]

Food For The Soul

Food for the Soul

Mondays I traditionally post a new recipe, but today it’s a recipe for joy; today I offer food for the soul. In the midst of chemo treatments, on a day I was paying and organizing medical bills (yikes!), a note from my dearly departed grandmother literally fell into my lap. It was the calming balm […]

I Meant For This to Go Differently

Organizing Vital Household Information

I’m an organizer; I love it.  Nothing better than a good list and solid plan to follow in order to get things done.  Make the list.  Do the list. Throw away checked-off completed list.  Make new list. What follows contradicts everything I just said.  In my busy gal defense, it happens.  Not often, but when […]

What I’ve Learned: Two and a Half Years Later

What I've Learned

Sweet sweet E, that child does nothing but elicit smiles, squeally voices and happy dances from me. Ah, grandkiddos! About every six months I find myself updating what I’ve learned from that whippersnapper.  About every six months I ask myself, too soon?  Maybe I should just do a yearly update…BUT I CAN’T!  Having an itty-bitty […]