What Does A Breast Cancer Diagnosis Mean?

What Does it Mean?

You may have received a diagnosis for breast cancer, or maybe you know someone who has received a diagnosis. What does that mean, exactly? Are there any similar threads that run through a breast cancer diagnosis? Some, but each breast cancer is unique to the person, as is each specific treatment protocol. Breast cancer is […]

Food For The Soul

Food for the Soul

Mondays I traditionally post a new recipe, but today it’s a recipe for joy; today I offer food for the soul. In the midst of chemo treatments, on a day I was paying and organizing medical bills (yikes!), a note from my dearly departed grandmother literally fell into my lap. It was the calming balm […]

I Meant For This to Go Differently

Organizing Vital Household Information

I’m an organizer; I love it.  Nothing better than a good list and solid plan to follow in order to get things done.  Make the list.  Do the list. Throw away checked-off completed list.  Make new list. What follows contradicts everything I just said.  In my busy gal defense, it happens.  Not often, but when […]

What I’ve Learned: Two and a Half Years Later

What I've Learned

Sweet sweet E, that child does nothing but elicit smiles, squeally voices and happy dances from me. Ah, grandkiddos! About every six months I find myself updating what I’ve learned from that whippersnapper.  About every six months I ask myself, too soon?  Maybe I should just do a yearly update…BUT I CAN’T!  Having an itty-bitty […]

I’ll Pretend Better

I'll Pretend Better

Being me is exhausting some days, even before breast cancer. Today, I’m fighting nausea and knowing I must try to eat in the face of understanding that when I do, I’ll feel worse. The feeling will pass in a few more days, just not soon enough for me or those around me. So, I’ll pretend […]

What’s So Funny About Cancer?

What's So Funny About Cancer?

Y’all know that I can find the funny in anything. Anything. The worse things are, the more I am compelled to laugh. It’s definitely my father’s DNA running through me and I’m grateful for it. Throughout my life, my ill-timed laughter has been misunderstood by a few, but I find it to be a normal […]

My New Obsession: Himalayan Pink Salt

My New Obsession: Himalayan Pink Salt

Do you guys remember my Epsom Salt post and my quest to find a natural way to replenish my waning magnesium levels?  If so, you’ll fully appreciate why I am loving the Himalayan Pink salt! Himalayan Pink salt is packed with the good stuff.  Table salt, not so much. Himalayan salt contains the minerals that […]

Using a Quick-Read Meat Thermometer When Grilling Outdoors

Using a Quick-Read Meat Thermometer When Grilling Outdoors

I originally wrote this post about two years ago, but it has stood the test of time and is topical for this time of year: outdoor grilling season! Even though I have been grilling for years and years, there are still times I rely on my meat thermometer to make sure thangs are done and […]

What I Ate During Chemo

What I Ate During Chemo

Cancer Cancer Cancer!  Omgosh, it hasn’t even been that long since my diagnosis and even I’m tired of hearing about it.  ~snort~ Chances are if you know someone going through chemo, you know someone who is having a hard time eating.  My dearly departed Aunt Mimi and my FIL ascribed/ascribe to the philosophy that if […]

Yes, Your Mother’s Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt to Ease Muscles

When I was a young whippersnapper, when one had an ankle sprain or muscle strain, one of the go-to treatments of moms and grandmas was to soak the injury in a warm Epsom salt bath, most likely out of a bucket.  If the injury was higher up the body, strips of cloth bandages were soaked […]