The World’s Easiest Cheesecake Pie

Easy Cheesecake Pie

When I was a young gal, learning my way around the kitchen, I ran across a recipe that even I couldn’t ruin. Cheesecake Pie! (not to be confused with the much more complex Manhattan Cheesecake) TAKE THAT PINTEREST FAILS! This pie has stood the test of time and I still make it today.  Matter-of-fact, a […]

Perfect Oatmeal Cookies Twist


Remember the Perfect Oatmeal Cookies and the recipe I posted for them some time back?  No?  You missed that post?!   ~faint~ (hello, email sign-up) Here’s the LINK for the recipe and a visual refresher: Mmmm, look at those oatmeal cookie badboys.  So delicious. Yes, they are perfect just the way they are, but…. …I went […]

Spritz Cookies

Spritz Cookies

The German gave me her cookie press when I got married and it’s on its last leg.  That wonderful workhorse has lasted through at least 40 Christmases. It’s a vintage aluminum tube with a screw-on top.  You crank the handle and it pushes the dough through the tube to get the desired length and form […]

Brownie Lurv


Attention All Brownie Lovers: Get your brownie lurv here! I think we all know how I feel about brownies and all things brownie.  To refresh your memories, check it HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE  and HERE. Dadgum, that’s a lot of brownie lurv! But wait, there’s more! I was feeling all Valentiney and wondering what might […]

Perfect Oatmeal Cookies

Perfect Oatmeal Cookies

Right before I started to write this post, I made a dash for the freezer, where I had stashed a batch of Perfect Oatmeal Cookies the weekend before.  My field research for this post consisted of grabbing one of the cookies from the bag and stuffing it into my piehole to confirm my hyperbole of […]

The Chemistry of Cookies


Dozens upon dozens of cookies were baked over the holidays, but have you ever considered the science, or the chemistry, of the cookies you baked?  Probably not.  We be focused on the baking…not the science! How about a post-Christmas baking marathon TED-Ed video? Someone get the lights… The Chemistry of Cookies Whoa. That was a […]

What Have I Done?! (with confession)


Husband’s birthday rolled around and I asked him what kind of cake he’d like me to make.  His usual pick is a Manhattan Cheesecake.  This time around, he gave me nothing. ~crickets~ Seriously, if anyone ever asks me what kind of cake I’d like them to bake, you can believe I will THINK OF SOMETHING! […]

Russian Teacakes Done Right


Cakes, cheesecake, cookies, pies, bars…you name it, I bake it!  So much yurm! With Christmas lurking, it’s time to start thinking about introducing something new along with your something traditional. In our house, Russian Teacakes are a longtime fav.  Yet…they aren’t my favorite.  I like ‘em, I’ll eat ‘em, but they’re a little ho-hum, which […]

To-Die-For Filled Chocolate Cookies


Consider these to-die-for filled chocolate cookies my obligatory Halloween post.  Wait.  I almost forgot did this one. Way back in the day, Boy and I used to make these cookies at Halloween.  They were his absolute favs.  Yet, when I sent him a text telling him that I was making them again after a hiatus […]

Slutty Brownies Revisited


I keep making ‘em and we keep eating ‘em.  Slutty Brownies never get old. The original: The Challenge: Slutty Brownies are a chocolate-lover’s dream!  They are as good as they look.  Better even.  But, there’s a slight problem with allll that chocolate: Girl isn’t a huge fan, and I want Girl to love a Slutty […]