DIY Fire Pit Tutorial: Updated

DIY Firepit Tutorial

Cliff Notes of a DIY Fire Pit Tutorial = chop down a big ash tree, have the stump properly shaped for burning, then burn ALL THE THINGS! The DIY fire pit post is one of my most popular.  Who knew so many of you were looking to make a hobo pit like us! When I […]

Shoot I Do: FARTing

Photography: Composing the Shot

Welcome back to the Shoot I Do series! Um, what?  Did she use the word farting in her tittle?  Does it mean what I think it means?  What am I still doing here?! Yes. Probably not. Because you want, nay, MUST, know what craziness is happening in OMT’s brain!  (last time I left you guys, […]

PSA of the Day: Children’s Medical Power of Attorney

Children's MEdical Power of Attorney

When it comes to our sweet children, no one likes to talk about the uncomfortable, possibly deadly stuff (like THIS), but my motto is this: better to prepare for the unlikely event you’ll need a Medical Power of Attorney form than to be without such a power if needed in an emergency. Whew.  That’s a […]

5 Simple Tips For a Healthy Lawn

5 Things to Do For a Healthy Lawn

Gardening and I have always had a love-hate relationship.  I love the idea of fresh produce from my own land, yet my garden hates me. It doesn’t stop me though, no sir.  Every year, like a total amnesiac, I head to the nursery to find the healthiest plants and do stuff like building raised garden […]

3D Printing: It’s Science!

3D Priniting: It's Science!

Want a fun and information-packed video about 3D printing that you can share with the kiddies?! Here ya go! SCIENCE! Check this one out: Dad uses 3D printer to make his son a prosthesis for about $5! We live in stunning times. Science On!   OMT! Recommends: SCIENCE! or Science?! Baby, It’s Cold Outside The […]

Easiest DIY Cedar Flower Bed You’ll Ever Build


The German is an amazing gardener.  Me?  Not so much.  But….I do know how to do things that make it appear as if I’m a gardener.  Gardening for wannabes…that’s me! Take this easy DIY flower bed, as an example.  Look at those clean cedar lines.  Look at the barrier between grass and mulched goodness (yes, […]

What I’ll Tell Sweet E: Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice

When I learned to read, you could pretty much find me with a book in my hands from there on out.  Especially if that book had been written by Dr. Seuss.  I was entranced by his lyrical use of seemingly normal words and by his imagination when creating others. It’s with his words that I […]

Your Unintentional Imprint

IMG_8487 3

Have you ever thought about your unintentional imprint on this world?  You know, the pieces of you that make an impression on others when you’re not even thinking about it? Life is surprising and twisty; you never know what’s just around the next bend. It’s the element of surprise that’s my favorite part.  Unintentional imprints […]

What I Will Tell Sweet E: Grace Endures

IMG_0240 2

Grace for the day; grace for the way, baby.  Having a saving grace, saves.  Burdened with sin; blessed with grace. grace noun \ˈgrās\ 1. a :  unmerited divine assistance given humans for their regeneration or sanctification b :  a virtue coming from God     c :  a state of sanctification enjoyed through divine grace 2. […]

What I’ll Tell Sweet E: Sometimes You Pick Your Family

What I'll Tell Sweet E

We’ve all been unexpectedly hurt by someone in our family.  Well, most of us have.  Whether it’s an auntie or a sibling or even a parent, there will most likely come a time when someone in your family, someone you trust and love, maybe adore, will cause you such an unfathomable pain that you’ll question […]