Protecting What You Gots

Rhino Shield to protect your smartphone

As I write, my phone may or may not be turning itself off all by itself. This weekend it refused to alert me to anything incoming, even though it was clearly in the mode for alerting me for everything.  It’s a smartphone, yet over two years old, at the end of its natural life, which […]

clek THIS!

clek fllo Car Seat

Calling all grannies, grampies, mommas and daddies! My friend Amy over at Pregnant Chicken (well, she doesn’t really know we’re friends, but I’m hoping if she met me she’d wanna join the party) did an amazing review of a clek fllo carseat (yes, that’s all spelled correctly) and I wanted to share what I learned. […]

…Then It Dawned On Me

...Then It Dawned On Me

You guys know I love me a restaurant supply store for my kitchen supplies, right?  I also love finding offbeat uses for stuff I find there.  FUN! I also am a frequent shopper at Costco and Sam’s.  Shopping at these establishments has saved us untold green backs over the years, but has also presented interesting […]

Revisiting NoseFrida, aka the Snotsucker!

NoseFrida for the WIN!

In April 2013, I wrote about an amazing baby product that Boy and Girl were using on Sweet E, a product that I never knew existed and one, to be brutally honest, that made me literally gag a little.  The NoseFrida. Why in the world would I revisit a product that had the power to […]

Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails

Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails

I’m a cook; I’m a baker.  With each of these endeavors, I like to take the time to craft together a meal or a dessert that will leave a lasting impression.  I want my family and guests to know that I put something of myself into what I’m serving (this has nothing to do with […]

For the Runner in Your Life

Runner Gift Thangs!

CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE! Sorry y’all, didn’t mean to panic anyone, it’s just that maybe you’re like me and you don’t have all your shopping done.  I’m dedicating this post to the runners in your life, or for the runners who need to drop a major hint. Psssst, Santa!  THIS. ~ A gentle reminder: I […]

LifeStraw For Your Adventurers

LifeStraw For Your Adventurers

Do you know an adventurer, a camper, a Boy Scout, a Girl Scout or a weekend hiker that likes being out in the boondocks, in the wildness, where water sources may be iffy? If you do, giving them the gift of a LifeStraw is like giving them the gift of less thangs to haul around […]

SteakChamp is *THE* Champ!

SteakChamp for the Win!

Y’all remember this post: Is Your Steak Done?  Well, get ready to snag a great Christmas gift (or New Year’s, or birthday, or…whatever grills your steak). SteakChamp sent me a medium rare thermometer to check out!  (all opinions that follow are mine…ALL OF THEM!) So of course, I did.  BAM! (image source: AMAZON) Let’s get […]

It Takes an Army, A Swiss Army

It Takes an Army, A Swiss Army

How many times have you been out shopping at T.J. Maxx, reach for a 50%-off the already 50%-reduced item and gaaa! a painful hangnail or a jagged nail. The horror! There’s nothing left to do but go on home and drink; your whole day has been ruined. DON’T BE A WIMP!  There are still amazing […]

Rhino Laces

Unbreakable Rhino Laces

Brace yourself.  Braced?  Good. ~ A gentle reminder: OMT! uses Amazon referral links. When you do your shopping through the Amazon links on this page, you support the blog at no cost to yourself. It’s much appreciated!~ Yep.  It’s that time again, my babies.  Time to start our careful planning of what to stuff in […]