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Freeze Dried Dog Treats

Freeze Dried Dog Treats

Yep, freeze-dry them pup treats!

I found these dog treats at Costco, but you can also get them online.

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package of freeze dried nutri-bites dog treats

(Source: Amazon)

I think y’all remember that before we moved from South Texas to East Texas our beloved Dex, our beautiful shelter dog, passed.

OH, the heartache. So awful.

Six months later we had a turn of events, and this dingo, Reilly, our beautiful Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog), entered the building:

Blue Heeler in pile of leaves

Sensitive Stomach

Turns out of all the dogs we’ve ever had, Reilly has the most sensitive stomach.


Could be she’s the equivalent of a puppy vacuum.

Could be the 1/2 acre we live on has too many never-foraged noms.

Could be she’s just sensitive.

After all she was a stray and we have no idea what nutritional deficiencies she was working with prior to coming to us.

All of this is to say, we are ALWAYS on the hunt for treats that won’t upset her tummy.

All Natural Dog Treats

Knowing that Reilly will put ANYTHING in her mouth ~hurk~ I try to be ultra aware of what we buy for her.

The less ingredients the better.

Natural Dog Treats

BUT, just because something says “natural” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to agree with her digestive tract.

We have learned this the hard way…the smelly way…the messy way.

Freeze Dried

When I saw the words “freeze dried” on the package, I was intrigued.

This was something I had never seen marketed to dogs before.

I was skeptical – was this a marketing ploy to play on the natural movement?

Is Freeze Dried Liver Good For Dogs?

One word: YES!

As long as the beef liver is a quality organ meat, then it’s really beneficial for dogs.

Everything in moderation, though, especially treats.


Can Dogs Eat Beef Liver?


I think the real question that folks are asking is this:

Is Beef Liver Good For Dogs?

Again, yes.

Organ meats play an important role in good dog nutrition.

That these are basically small freeze dried bites of beef liver is amazing.

Beef Liver For Dogs

Why is beef liver so good for dogs? Let’s go!

These are just a few of the beef liver benefits:

  1. Rich in vitamins
  2. Low in fat
  3. High in iron
  4. Rich source of copper and zinc (vital minerals!)
  5. Teeming with beneficial fatty acids (omegas)
How Much Freeze Dried Beef Liver Should My Dog Consume?

For these snacks, simply follow the manufacture’s guidelines on the back of the package.

Reilly gets 2-3 pieces a day, even though for her weight she can have 6-8 pieces.

Here are their guidelines:

Dog Size and Pieces (per day):

  • Extra Small (5-7 pounds): 1-3
  • Small (20-40): 3-6
  • Medium (50-60): 6-8
  • Large (+60): 8

One Ingredient Dog Treats

The Nutri-Bites are amazing in the fact that these treats have one ingredient: beef liver.

Do you know how rare one ingredient anythings are in snacks?

Of course you do – so rare!

These natural dog treats are perfection.

No additives!

No preservatives!

No added anything!

Just pure beef liver, freeze-dried.

Cat Treats

According to the company’s website and their packaging, cats like beef liver too!

So, these are a good dog and cat treats!

Although, please note that cats may prefer you crumble on top of food.

Reilly simply chomps them!

Are There Other Options?


This company also sells chicken and salmon varieties.

Something for everyone.

Dog Treats

The Nutri-Bites are at the top of our essential dog treat list because they are no fuss.

Not wet.

Easily eaten (no crumb left behind!).

Reilly will perform any command promptly when she sees this liver snack in our hand.

Of course, when she’s on a training walk, we offer her portable dog water bottle to wash it all down.

Freeze Dried Dog Treats

Have you offered these kinds of treats to your pets?

Success or failure?

Let us know in the comments!

Happy snacking, puppers!

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