Lifehack 101

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You’ve seen the term, but maybe you’re not quite sure what it means.  Let a granny help you out.  Lifehack: stuff that makes life easier.

If you Google the term you’ll find all kinds of ways to simplify your life.  Some of it’s fun and filled with common sense, other hacks are questionable.

One thing’s for sure: lifehacks are here to stay…which got me to thinking.

You guys are savvy and crafty and all around lifehacky (I assure you, this is a compliment), so why not share your brilliance here, with us?!


We’re ready to take notes.

I’ve already shared a few of mine.  Convert a stump to a happenin’ firepit, here. Make an easier egg, here. Clean your teeth while you shower, here. Pretend you made it from scratch, here.

Whatta you got?  What amazing thing/s have you come across that has saved you time and aggravation?  What have you lifehacked, mah babies?

Don’t be shy, we’re ready to learn from the master.

I can’t wait to read the sheer genius of it all!



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  1. Don’t know if this counts as a life hack, but I know my Mom was greatly surprised when I told her – it’s just one of those things that once you know it, things make more sense.

    Did you know that all phone numbers given out in movies and tv shows start with 555-. This is because when they used to use real, random numbers, people called them. Now, they use a number that is not assigned, anything starting with 555-

  2. I can’t think of a thing right now and yet, I swear I think I am the multi-tasker master. lol Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  3. For my little lifehack I make sure my dog visits the kitchen after I’ve cooked. Queee?? Who wants to clean up with a full tummy?? ; ) Here from the Grand Social and looking forward to more lifehacks. BB2U

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