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Grilled Burger Pizza on a blue plate

Grilled Burger Pizza

Summertime = Burger-time! Burger-time is my favorite time (well, that and cake-time, champagne-time, cookie-time…). We’ve already covered grilled corn and grilled taters with onions, so why not burgers via a Grilled Burger Pizza? Drooling yet? Here’s the truth about our summer grilling: We grill once every two weeks-ish and load up the grill with burgers, …

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A Bacon Meatloaf That Will Make You Love Meatloaf

Bacon Meatloaf for Miles

I’ve discussed that I find it difficult to cook for two and this post serves as another reminder. On the upside, we’re flush with delicious leftovers and a bit for the freezer to eat another day. Instead of beating myself up for cooking embarrassing large meals, I’m gonna start thinking of it as time management. …

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Slow-Smoked Pork Rib Sliders

The weekend Boy, Girl and Sweet E came to visit, Husband slow-smoked pork ribs out on the pit.  If you’ve never had slow-smoked pork ribs, what are you waiting for?  Heaven, I tell ta! We had family over and fed everyone, then sent some of the leftovers home with Boy’s crew. That still left us …

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