The Scientific Way To Cut A Cake

Cake!  Cake!  Cake!

I think by now we get it…CAKE!

Gratuitous pic of CAKE:

The Scientific Way To Cut Cake

I love all things cake and know you do too.  I love when I come across something new about cake, yet there are so few things that are new about cake.  So, I was startled to come across a video that used math to determine the best way to cut a cake using scientific principles.  I’ll give you a moment to come to terms with cake, math and SCIENCE! being used in the same post about cake.

Whew.  What a mind-squeeze!

Let’s get right to the video and then we’ll discuss.  Someone get the lights!

Well that was interesting, eh?

Here are my thoughts, in no particular order, other than the first one:


* Could that cake be any smaller?  Maybe it’s the American in me, but that looks like a two-serving cake.  Am I right?

* I can dig the first slice thingy, but Momma’s gonna need you to go wider, baby.  WIDER!

* “Here’s what we need to do.  We need to close the cake together.”  Oh, lawsy.  Get your hands off mah cake!  Plus, here’s a thought: most homemade cakes are not finished with fondant. Try that with a cream cheese icing.  That’s the video I want to see.

* So over 100 years ago there were rubber bands?  Was this a thing…rubber banding your miserly cut cakes?

* His theory of not having as “big” a piece the next day based on the fact that’s it’s no longer my birthday is flawed in so many ways.  Available cake = ALWAYS MY BIRTHDAY!  And, baby, Momma’s gonna need you to CUT ME A BIGGER PIECE!

* OWWW!  Rubber band to my eye!

* Seriously. Stop. Touching. The. Cake.

* Curious.  What are the Sharpies doing on the table?

* Fresh “old” cake for day 3, or….NEW CAKE!

* At this point, when the illustrations of the cake-cutting method is shown, I’m about to disown SCIENCE! for ruining my cake-eating experience.

* Did he just say that the triangular slices of cake that most people crave are annoying? And that a “nice uniform slice” is superior?  It’s all coming clear to me.  OCD is real, y’all!

* At this point in the film, I just couldn’t watch any more.  While math can be fun, this was pure evil torture.

There you have it.  A mathematical solution using scientific principles to prevent dried out cake.

No.  Just no.

I’ve had my say, now it’s your turn.


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  1. I never have cake in the fridge for more than two days and I’m perfectly comfortable with cutting wedges. Math is evil and has no place in confectionary arts. Just sayin.

  2. I always end up with uneven cake slices. Seriously. I needed this!

  3. While it’s an interesting idea…..but WTH? First, who would have any leftovers with that tiny cake. Second, has the man heard of plastic wrap? Why the heck would you put rubber bands on a cake? It’s a fondant cake, it’s not like the frosting is going to rub off on plastic wrap.

  4. Um, I’m just fine with my wedges, too. And is leftover cake a thing? Because I don’t think that happens at my house…

  5. No cake in this apartment, because it is just me and a big cake would require some serious self control. I LOVE cake and LOVE cake with lots of icing. The more the better! 😉

  6. Hhaha LOVE this! I think it’s good to have uneven slices. That way people have a choice!

  7. KC @ Average: More or Less says

    These men need real jobs!
    And I need cake now. A WEDGE of cake.

  8. Awesome!! No cake should ever be wasted!

  9. In my house cake finish as soon as it baked, if it is not finished means something wrong with it. I envy cutting in perfect wedge.

  10. I wish I saw this when I was in culinary school, my chef would have loved this video.

  11. Oh wow, this is ridiculous! I know at my house, we are to impatient to get to the cake to try any of this!

  12. I feel as an English person I have to comment, defend the English, we are not all this mean with our cake slices! In our house a cake never makes it to day 2! 5 people, 2 slices each – job done! (we always have 1 piece then about 10 minutes later go for another!)
    My son is a maths student and would probably love this but even he would agreed a cake is never going to last long enough to dry out! I think they are solving a problem that doesn’t exist, if you do by some miracle have some left just bung a bit of foil over it!
    And I also agreed that cake is a bit on the small size. 4 people max. I do find it funny when I buy something like a cheesecake n the supermarket and it says serves 6-8 on it. 6-8 people who are not very hungry maybe! I’m going to share this with my lad anyway, I’m sure it will give him a laugh!

  13. My husband’s British – I’m NOT showing him this LMHO !!!
    Too funny !

  14. Ok came over via Kathe’s blog and like what I found although there is no way I would cut my cake like that, or maybe I would I don’t know I can tell you one thing there is rarely left over cake at our family functions

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