How to Eat Blueberries Like an Adult

What Grandma Drinks (check out my IG) is a fun space for what I drink – alcoholic or otherwise! Have you heard the nutritional guidelines that state an adult should consume between 5 and 13 servings of fruits and veggies PER DAY? That’s right, my fellow rabbits – eat your veggies (and fruit)! Luckily, a […]

This is Why You Come Here: Fun!

It’s always a good time to shop! Let’s get to it! “What Am I Feeding You For?” Product Deets: Size: Standard Apron I designed this apron while going through chemo treatments. When my body refused to cooperate with medication, when it refused to thrive, I grew exasperated and exclaimed: WHAT AM I FEEDING YOU FOR?! […]

Do You Know How To Color the World?

Colored markers are my not-so-secret happy place. If the markers are Zig Memory System markers, well, get ready to hear OMT! squeal in delight. I’ve been using them for years and it never ONCE dawned on me to share the love, until now. ~ A gentle reminder: OMT! uses Amazon referral links. When you do […]

How To Have More Fun Than a Caramel Apple.

Caramel apples are fun in theory, right? The Bad: There’s the weird angled biting, or more accurately – trying desperately to grab a bite. There’s the super glue melding together of teeth that can seriously pull out a crown. There’s the disappointment of the less-than-stellar apple. The Good: Caramel and apples are deliciously addictive, so […]

How to Have More Birthday Fun? Super Mario!

Gaming has never been so fun, especially with new generations taking up where the last left off. Have your kiddos gone Super Mario crazy yet? Sweet E: Checkitty check check! It’s Super Mario this and Super Mario that. Choochie is listening, my adorable Master of the Controller! ~ A gentle reminder: OMT! uses Amazon referral […]

Happy New Year, My Sweet Babies!

New Year’s Eve is here and the possibility of what is ahead fills us with wonder. I can’t let this day go by without thanking you. You guys are my extended family and I love you. You spend your precious time here with me and play along with my shenanigans and in return I hope […]

Merry Christmas!

On this Holy Christmas Day, I offer you an Irish blessing: God grant you lightness in your step, a smile on every face you meet, Loved ones gathered at your hearth, and at your door, good friends to greet A holy hymn upon your lips, a window candle burning bright, And may the Good Lord […]

How to Make Snacking Even Better

Three years ago, I wrote this first post extolling the taste explosion that is Christmas Crack. No, you won’t find this particular recipe anywhere other than here. Nor will you find such a delightful backstory to be told while you share this concoction with those you love. I came thisclose to not posting this recipe […]

Eat All You Want, But What About Your Teeth?

Show of hands – who loves to eat? Who loves to eat everything OMT! is cookin’? Just as I suspected – YOU do! If you love to eat sweets like OMT! (and who doesn’t) you gotta take care of your chompers and this powerhouse toothbrush does that and more. ~ A gentle reminder: OMT! uses […]

How To Clean Your Microwave Volcano-Style

Confession time: I don’t clean my microwave as often as I should. I mean, if the Queen was headed over and we were gonna share popcorn, I’d clean it RIGHT NOW, but she’s not, so I’m meh – it’ll get done…someday. What if you could make cleaning the microwave fun? WHAT IF?! ~ A gentle […]