Fun and Practical Cooler For Your Little Ones

What did we do before the rolling cooler? I’ll tell ya – we schlepped heavy cumbersome coolers, while wishing someone would come up with a better design. Thankfully that problem has been solved – WHOOP! – and today I offer a rolling cooler for your itty-bitties! ~ A gentle reminder: OMT! uses Amazon referral links. […]

How to Make Homemade Vanilla Extract in 5 Easy Steps

Last year, I set about making my own decadent blend of vanilla extract and the results were so delicious, I’ll never buy vanilla from a store again. Yep, it was that good. You would have thought with all my years of baking experience, I would have tried to make vanilla extract at least once, but […]

Mouse in the House? Get a Tomcat Mouse Trap.

Having a mouse in the house is never a fun feeling. Your mind immediately start thinking about traps, then how much you like your fingers and are hesitant to set them, and finally to the awfulness of disposal after snapping the neck a cute little pest-riddled rodent. ~ A gentle reminder: OMT! uses Amazon referral […]

A Somber Reminder to Never Forget

Tuesday, September 11, 2001 In the wake of all that has happened to the collective us in the last month, there is so much we’ll never be able to forget. To those who fight the good fight, to those who step up when times are unimaginable, to those who love in the face of terror, […]

The Best Advice You’ll Ever Get

Sweet E is four, y’all…4 1/2-years-old! Time continues to whip past, no matter how I wish it would slow its jets. As the saying goes: The days are slow, but the years are fast. I was reading though some of the older Sweet E posts and I came across this one. It stands the test […]

How To: Lacrosse Balls For Naughty Knots

As a lifelong athlete, I need weekly (sometimes daily) relief from sore muscle knots. Did you know you can use a lacrosse ball for deep tissue massage and trigger point relief? YOU CAN! More to the point: I DO! I have one in every vehicle, four in the house and have left them behind at […]

Slow Cooker Apple Butter Will Make You a Fanatic

If you already love store-bought apple butter, homemade apple butter will make you into an apple butter fanatic. Trust. This recipe is insanely easy, adaptable to your apple and spice tastes and highly addictive. It makes enough to use now and freeze for later. (Sweet E knows there is ALWAYS a jar available at Choochie’s […]

Sit All Day? Back Pain? Lumbar Cushions to the Rescue!

Anyone else sit all day at their desk? Anyone else suffer lower back pain from all that sitting? Lawsy, y’all. While I try to remember to get up every hour to stretch and move my budunkadunk, some days I find I’ve been writing for hours and haven’t gotten up from my chair. Because of that, […]

Sweet Southern Onions That Will Make Grandma Proud

I feel like everyone in the South has a go-to baked onion recipe. Why? ‘Cause they’re delicious and we know it! Baked onions are great year-round. Think cookouts in the summer, addendum to crock pot ribs in the fall, a side dish with Christmas dinner and an ever-present Easter favorite. Plus you can totally throw […]

Have I Lost My Mind?! Jumping Rope After a 40+ Year Break

After this post,¬†about considering jumping rope again after a 40+ year layoff, I asked myself, “Self – why not?” I am officially jumping rope again – in my 50s, y’all! ~ A gentle reminder: OMT! uses Amazon referral links. When you do your shopping through the Amazon links on this page, you support the blog […]