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Homemade Tortillas With Coconut Oil

I first wrote about these tortillas back in 2015. They are so delicious (and easy) that I thought I should do another post about them for anyone who’s new here! Pair them with my red enchilada sauce, and OH, MOMMA! you’ll die!


Homemade Tortillas with Coconut Oil

Time to get your skillz on! The recipe is very simple, especially for a first timer. Although, I will say that I think the secret to a great tortilla is a smokin’ hot cast iron pan.

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For this recipe, I used a small-sided cast iron pan: Lodge Cast Iron Round Griddle

Perfect Pan For Homemade Tortillas

(source: AMAZON)

This type of pan makes it easy to flip the tortillas. Or to make grilled cheese…but that’s another post.

Here what ours looked like when done:

Homemade Tortillas with a Healthy Twist

Homemade Tortillas with a Healthy Twist

Homemade Tortillas with a Healthy Twist

Known Homemade Tortilla Fact: Tortillas do not have to be perfectly round to taste amazing.

Ready to try your hand at making tortillas?

Homemade Tortillas With Coconut Oil


3 cups flour
1 1/2 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup coconut oil
3/4 cup very hot, yet not boiling, water


Whisk together dry ingredients.
Cut in coconut oil. (1)
Mix in water.
Knead 1 minute or until dough is no longer sticky.
Divide dough into 12 balls.
On a non-greased, preseasoned cast iron skillet, preheated to a medium heat (adjust the heat as needed so not to burn tortillas), cook one minute on the first side and 30 seconds on the second side.
Place in tortilla server or on a plate under a towel to keep warm.
Store in Ziploc bag. Do not place in fridge, as they will turn rock hard. (2)


1) My coconut oil was a liquid when adding since it was the summer months. I had no issue blending everything together.

2) These were delicious as cooked. We stored in a Ziploc baggie on the counter and also had them the next day. We simply heated them through on top of a gas burner and they were as good as the day before.

3) You can taste a bit of the coconut oil, but for the most part they tasted pretty true to a flour tortilla.

Recipe via

Happy Tortilla Makin’, mah babies!

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Monday 9th of January 2017

My husband is going to love this. He makes our tortillas and we normally buy the pre-mixed stuff, so this will be a nice change! Thanks

Patti Tucker

Monday 9th of January 2017